• Nov. 26, 2021

Gil Toss Draw Is Now Live in FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper!

The Gil Toss Draw is live!

Three times a day, you can use this x10 draw for 100 Gil to get various items, including Orbs and Motes!
Try the Gil Toss Draw every day, and power up your party!

5:00 AM 11/26 PST (1:00 PM 11/26 UTC) to 4:59 AM 12/5 PST (12:59 PM 12/5 UTC)

■Offered Items
6★ Items: Each type of 6★ Mote, each type of Orb Crystal
5★ Items: Giant Scarletite, Giant Adamantite, Major Growth Egg, each type of 5★ Mote, each type of Job Mote, each type of Major Orb
4★ Items: Large Scarletite, Large Adamantite, Greater Growth Egg, each type of 4★ Mote, each type of Greater Orb

■Important Notes
・The Gil Toss Draw can be used three times a day only.
・The number of times you can use the Gil Toss Draw resets daily at 5:00 AM PST (1:00 PM UTC) throughout its duration.
・The Gil Toss Draw can only be used by spending 100 Gil.
・Equipment and heroes cannot be obtained from the Gil Toss Draw.
・The drop rate of items depends on their rarity.

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper is available as a free download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and on Google Play for Android devices.