• Apr. 3, 2022

[Pre-Order] FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Digital Clock - Buster Sword

The iconic Buster Sword from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is recreated as a digital alarm clock! When the alarm is turned off, the LED clock face will glow in various colors, but when the alarm is turned on, the clock face and materia will glow a single color, which corresponds to the alarm song. There are five songs included to use as an alarm. Volume and brightness can be switched between three different levels.

Clock specifications:
Usable Temperature Range: Between -10 and 50°C (or between 14° and 122°F) *Do not let condensation form on the product
Clock Accuracy: Average month variation of ±30 seconds (Quartz accuracy at room temperature)
Input Type: USB Type C
Power Source: USB DC5V±5% /1.0A
Length of Cable: Approx. 1m (3.3ft)
Display Element: LCD
Illumination Element: RGB 3-color LED
Alarm Function: Alarm will sound at the set time
Alarm Accuracy: ±0 seconds against the displayed time
Alarm Sound: Selectable between 5 different sounds
Snooze: None
Auto Stop: After 5 consecutive minutes of sounding
Volume Control: Selectable between 3 volume levels
LED Brightness: Selectable between 3 brightness levels
Time Display Format: 24-hour time
Waterproof/Dustproof Protection: None

Details (NA)
Material: ABS
Item Size: L 13.39" x W 9.37" x D 3.94"
SRP: $199.99
Release Date: January 2023

Details (EU)
Material: ABS
Product Size: W 238 × D 100 × H 340 mm
Included Accessories: USB cable (Type-C-A, approx. 1m)
SRP: €179.99
Release Date: December 16, 2022

* Release date is approximate, any changes will be updated on the page.