• Feb. 7, 2024

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Demo Now Available with More Playable Content Dropping on February 21

Square Enix Announces Two-Part Demo, Releases New Trailer and Game Details for Most Anticipated Game of 2024

Today SQUARE ENIX® released part one of a two-part demo for FINAL FANTASY™ VII REBIRTH, allowing players to experience the opening chapter featured in the most anticipated game of 2024. A second playable section of the upcoming RPG will be available on February 21, giving players the chance to experience a part of the expansive game world ahead of its February 29 launch exclusively on the PlayStation®5 (PS5®) console. The news was revealed during a dedicated Sony Interactive Entertainment’s State of Play broadcast.

Watch the FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Final Trailer here.

Watch the 10 minute FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Gameplay Video here.

Today’s State of Play broadcast was headlined by the surprise demo release and the FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Final Trailer, an enthralling glimpse at the legendary adventure that awaits. In the trailer, witness the party’s pursuit of Sephiroth and the fates they must overcome to save the planet from his machinations. Viewers can see breathtaking landscapes and newly imagined locales like the Temple of the Ancients, myriad minigames like 3D Brawler, Chocobo Racing, and G-Bike, and the return of beloved characters like long-gone SOLDIER hero Zack Fair, the electrifying Turk Reno and Roche, the thrill-seeking SOLDIER 3rd Class. Finally, an exhilarating battle system featuring new Synergy Abilities and the acclaimed combination of real-time action with strategic commands was also featured as part of today’s event.

The “Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim” demo features an extended flashback section, as Cloud Strife recalls an earlier mission in his career as a SOLDIER – “the Nibelheim incident.” This mission takes place five years ago prior to the setting of the game. Take control of a younger version of main protagonist Cloud Strife and the legendary Sephiroth as the two SOLDIER heroes investigate the sudden appearance of monsters in the mountains above Cloud’s hometown. When a dark truth comes to light, the course of their lives and the fate of the planet will change forever.

After players complete the “Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim” content, the demo will receive an update on February 21, opening another playable section entitled “Dawn of a New Era in Junon.” In this special preview made specifically for the demo, explore a small piece of the massive in-game world around the harbor town of Junon. The Junon area featured in this demo has been altered to make the content more compact, so progress cannot be carried over to the full game. However, fans and newcomers will get a chance to experience new forms of exploration, new synergy attacks and the powerful character bonds expressed through thrilling combat.

Players with save data from the demo will receive the Kupo Charm and Survival Set in the full game. These players will also be able to skip past sections covered in the “Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim” demo. Players must ensure their game is fully updated to take advantage of these benefits.

The full State of Play presentation contained a wealth of new information and gameplay footage. The game’s distinct yet interconnected regions were displayed on the zoomed-out World Map. Traversal methods like chocobos, the Tiny Bronco plane and the desert buggy will transport players across the world to hidden treasures, mysterious anomalies, Combat Assignments, minigames and side content in the form of Odd Jobs. This content, plus dialogue choices and battles, contribute to the bonds between party members, affecting scenes throughout the game. Watch the full broadcast for details on character skill trees, a soundtrack boasting over 400 tracks, the different features of Graphics Mode and Performance Mode and so much more.

See new renders for characters like the wizened sage Geisel Bugenhagen and martial arts mentor Zangan. Catch an early glimpse of tide-turning Synergy Abilities from unique pairings like Cloud and Yuffie or Aerith and Barret. Explore locales like Cosmo Canyon, Costa del Sol and the fateful Shinra Manor. Preview minigames like Galactic Saviors, Jumpfrog, Fort Condor and Dolphin Show. Plus, more iconic artwork from the original FINAL FANTASY VII has been recreated, showing Red XIII moon-gazing alongside a legendary figure and the gruff pilot Cid dreaming of flight from the wing of the Tiny Bronco.

New Characters





Rufus Shinra





Professor Hojo


Combat: Systems

These invaluable tomes contain instructions on various martial arts, ranging from swordsmanship to close-quarters combat.
They can be augmented at any branch of Maghnata Books around the world, thus giving you access to new abilities. In order to do so, however, you will need to spend skill points, which can be obtained by completing odd jobs and other activities.

Combat: Synergy Skills

Synergy Abilities
Powerful attacks in which two characters team up to turn the tide of battle. More abilities will unlock as you increase the party level─a numerical expression of how closely-knit your team is─and deepen the affinity between party members. Fill the synergy gauge by using abilities, then unleash a synchronized assault!

Regions of the World

The world is comprised of multiple regions, each boasting unique environments for players to explore and experience on their adventure.

Costa del Sol


Cosmo Canyon

Nibelheim (5 Years Ago)

Shinra Mansion

World: New Forms of Transportation

Ocean Chocobos

Forest Chocobos

Tiny Bronco

Navigating the World

Controlling Different Characters
During the journey, there will be times where Cloud's companions will have to take the lead instead. Make use of each character's special trait to keep their adventure on track. For example, Red XIII can run on walls, while Cait Sith can use his moogle to throw heavy objects.

World Intel

Chadley enlists your help with deepening his understanding of the world. As you explore the various regions, you will uncover new areas rich with treasures and natural wonders.
Data points accumulated in your travels can then be spent to develop useful new materia.

Combat Simulator
Assist Chadley with his research and complete combat assignments to unlock new, more challenging fights in the VR combat simulator. Take on digitized summon entities here, and emerge victorious to claim their summoning materia.

Destroying guidestones will release a light that leads travelers to a summon entity's sanctuary, within which lies a crystal brimming with divine knowledge. Successfully attune to this crystal to enhance the entity's summoning materia and weaken it in its combat trial.

World: Minigames

Not only stories and battles, but all kinds of unique elements of fun await players.
Enjoy the numerous minigames available across the game's world.

Voted “Most Anticipated” Game of 2024 at The Game Awards, FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the new story in the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY VII remake project. This standalone adventure set across a vast and vibrant planet sees Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith and Red XIII escape from the dystopian city of Midgar into the wide world beyond. To hunt down Sephiroth, a haunting figure from Cloud’s past bent on ruling the planet, these unlikely heroes join forces with new companions like the spirited ninja operative Yuffie and the wisecracking, feline-shaped robot Cait Sith. Lead these characters into battle to overcome their fates. Explore classic locales reimagined in dazzling detail. Encounter dozens of hours of rewarding side content, Combat Assignments, minigames and rich stories of the planet’s people and cultures.

After playing through the demo, players eager for more FINAL FANTASY VII content can download FINAL FANATASY VII EVER CRISIS, the hit mobile RPG that has been downloaded over 7 million times, through the App Store, Google Play, or STEAM for free. In FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS, players will explore key elements of the FINAL FANTASY VII timeline, including the events of the original game and new story elements penned by FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH story and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima surrounding a young hero, Sephiroth, and more.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH follows the first game in the trilogy, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, released in 2020 to universal acclaim from players and critics around the globe. After earning more than 20 perfect scores from media and being selected as a PlayStation® “Editor’s Choice” pick, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE became the highest-selling digital release on the PlayStation® platform in SQUARE ENIX’s history, exceeding more than 7 million shipments and digital sales worldwide since its release.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH will be available for the PS5® console on February 29, 2024. This title has been rated T (Teen) by the ESRB.

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