• Mar. 20, 2024

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Original Soundtrack Available April 10 - Select Songs Streaming Now

Preview Five Songs, Plus Theme Song “No Promises to Keep” by Loren Allred and Nobuo Uematsu, Ahead of the Full 175-Track Release

Critics Applaud Soundtrack as “Unforgettable,” “A Musical Masterpiece,” “One of the Best Soundtracks in Final Fantasy History”

SQUARE ENIX® today announced that the FINAL FANTASY™ VII REBIRTH Original Soundtrack, featuring 175 tracks selected from the universally acclaimed RPG, will debut on April 10 via direct physical and digital sales. The seven-disc soundtrack and the limited-run FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Original Soundtrack ~ Special edit version ~, featuring a bonus-track CD of mini-game music, are available for pre-order now.

Pre-order FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Original Soundtrack:
Pre-order FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Original Soundtrack ~ Special edit version ~:

Additionally, fans and newcomers are invited to preview the upcoming release with a five-track preview album, available now for streaming on major platforms* including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Plus, the heart-stirring theme song “No Promises to Keep,” sung by platinum-selling artist Loren Allred, composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu and distributed by SONY Music, will debut March 20 for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Composed by Mitsuto Suzuki and Masashi Hamauzu of MONOMUSIK Inc. (original music by Nobuo Uematsu), the FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Official Soundtrack takes a spectacular journey through 175 songs from the game, featuring genres and rhythms as vast and vibrant as the game’s world. From sweeping orchestral battle themes with exhilarating vocals to a synthpop propaganda song starring a beagle, the album invites listeners to relive the adventure heralded as “the best Final Fantasy of the century” by The Washington Post and “awe-inspiring” by IGN.

“One of the most thrilling parts of composing for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH was aligning the music to the backstory, direction and story progression of a moment, establishing a sonic foundation on which the entire development team could build an unforgettable scene. There are sections that dig deeper into music from the original game, and sections that were newly crafted for this title. I hope players will find delight in the musical elements and discoveries to be made.” - Mitsuto Suzuki, Composer

“Our whole team spent a lot of time and effort on every song in the game, tapping into everything we’ve learned as composers and musicians in our careers. I hope players enjoy the result as much as we enjoyed crafting it.” - Masashi Hamauzu, Composer (MONOMUSIK Inc.)

The FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Original Soundtrack (Preview Version) is available for streaming now and features five songs from the upcoming release:
1. Toward Mt. Nibel
2. Main Theme of FFVII - Battle Edit
3. With Heavy Heart - A Seabreeze Stroll
4. Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony - Seventh, Ten-Hut!
5. Listen to the Cries of the Planet - Battle Edit

The seven-disc FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Original Soundtrack, debuting April 10*, is available for pre-order now as a physical release through the SQUARE ENIX Store and will release as a digital download on major music platforms including the iTunes Store and Amazon Music. The first-run limited edition FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Original Soundtrack ~ Special edit version ~, featuring a bonus-track CD with mini-game music, can be also pre-ordered on the SQUARE ENIX Store.

Players eager for more FINAL FANTASY VII content can download FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS, the hit mobile RPG that has been downloaded over 7.77 million times, through the App Store, Google Play or STEAM® for free. For more information, visit the official FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS social channels.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH has earned a Metacritic “Must-Play” award and garnered over 50 perfect review scores from global gaming critics. It is now available for the PS5® console and rated T (Teen) by the ESRB. For more information, visit

A free, two-part demo for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, available now, lets players experience both the game’s opening chapter and a special preview of the massive in-game world set several hours into the main storyline. Players can carry over their saved progress from the demo’s opening chapter to the full game, allowing them to resume their adventure and claim unique, gameplay-boosting incentives. To download the demo, visit link.

* The soundtrack’s availability and price may differ by region and service.

** To skip the Nibelheim section in the full game, plus receive the Kupo Charm and Survival Set demo incentives, players must ensure they have the latest update installed for the full game.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is now available for the PlayStation®5 (PS5™) console. This title has been rated T (Teen) by the ESRB.

*Most Anticipated Game Award Winner, The Game Awards 2023.

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