• Apr. 4, 2024

FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS New Chapter Release and New Limit Break Additions

Square Enix announces the new chapter, “FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS Chapter 6: On the Road” is being released today! New Limit Breaks will be added with the new chapter release and a limited-time Draw is available now!

◆ New Chapter, “FINAL FANTASY VII Chapter 6: On the Road” Released!

Today, the new chapter, “FINAL FANTASY Chapter 6: On the Road” has been released. Along with the new chapter release, Cait Sith is now available as a playable character! Moreover, the 5★ weapon “Yellow Megaphone” and other gifts are being distributed to commemorate the addition of Cait Sith! *Please see the in-game notice for details.

◆ A 3rd Limit Break Has Been Added!

As of today, a third Limit Break has been added for each character.
Each can be unlocked by fulfilling the conditions from the Character Stream.
*Please see the in-game notice for details.

◆ Tifa & Cait Sith New Weapon Featured Draw On Now!

During this period, a new featured Draw will be available with the Tifa-exclusive weapon, Bunny Gloves, and the Cait Sith-exclusive weapon, Flower Vase with an increased appearance rate!
In addition, new Gear for Tifa and Cait Sith can be obtained from the Stamp Card in this Draw!

*Stamps are only stamped upon performing a 10 Draw for the corresponding Draw.
*Please check the in-game notice for details.

Period: April 3 7:00 PM–April 21 6:59 PM PDT 2024

FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS lets players jump into the action thanks to deep RPG features, including FINAL FANTASY VII’s iconic Active Time Combat Battle System, a customizable party lineup featuring Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Zack, and many other iconic characters, engrossing battles with powerful bosses which can be taken on in co-op alongside friends and much more.

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