• May 16, 2024

[FR] FINAL FANTASY Lost Stranger T11 Available Now!

In search of clues about the Life spell, Shogo and his companions gradually sink into the darkness that plagues the town of Gold Saucer.
Shogo befriends Cid, a fighter defying the Forbidden Arts Guild, and they follow together the trail of a mysterious figure who seems to be of some importance: Madame Violette.
But the "King of the Golden Plate", Don Leone, invites our heroes in the maze of the Great Bridge where has been set up an underground arena! What is this devious character up to?
Last but not least, the machine-god "Alexander, the Giant of Babil" makes a remarkable comeback!

FINAL FANTASY Lost Stranger T11
Price: €7.95
Region: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada
Publisher: Mana Books
Language: French