The elements of wind, water, earth, and fire, embodied by the four Crystals, once brought balance and prosperity to the world. Now, a preternatural paradox throws the forces of nature into disarray, threatening to engulf the land in darkness. Although fear grips the populace, hope remains in a prophecy:
"When darkness veils the world, four Warriors of Light shall come."
One fateful day in the kingdom of Cornelia, four young travelers arrive with no memory of their past, each clutching a Crystal. Could they truly be the prophesied Warriors of Light?
Led by the light of the Crystals, they venture forth to restore peace to the realm; the first of their trials a battle with a fell knight. Little do they realize that this is only the beginning of an adventure that transcends time and space.


  • Warriors of Light  

    Warriors of Light

    Four warriors wander the land after losing their memories, finding themselves at the gates of Castle Cornelia. The Crystals they bear lead the king to believe they are the heroes of prophecy, and he pleads with them to rescue Princess Sarah. This marks the first step of their quest to free the world from the clutches of chaos.

  • Garland  


    Once a proud knight of Cornelia, he betrayed his kingdom by kidnapping Princess Sarah. While holding her captive in the Chaos Shrine, he is confronted by the Warriors of Light.

  • Lich  


    The Fiend of Earth feeds on the life force of the soil while his minion, the vampire, terrorizes the people of Melmond. This skeletal sorcerer awaits the Warriors of Light in the depths of the Cavern of Earth.

  • Marilith  


    The Fiend of Fire wakes from her slumber two hundred years earlier than expected. She wields a blade with each of her six arms and slithers on a snake-like tail. Should the full extent of her hellish powers be unleashed, the world would be left a smoldering ruin.

  • Kraken  


    The squid-like Fiend of Water dwells in the lowest level of the Sunken Shrine. His feasting on the power of the Water Crystal threatens the lives of all who inhabit the seas, including the mermaids, who seek the aid of the Warriors of Light.

  • Tiamat  


    The Fiend of Wind conquered the Lufenian civilization four hundred years ago and claimed their Flying Fortress as her own. The many-headed dragon continues to grow in power as her fated encounter with the Warriors of Light draws near.

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