The world of Vana'diel is a crossroads of magic, swords, and technology. It is also a battlefield where those who believe in light face monsters that thrive in darkness. The struggle centers on the control of crystals: sacred stones that are the fundamental source of all creation.

The monsters showed no mercy as they laid waste to beautiful towns, ravaged the land, and polluted the streams and rivers of Vana'diel. But the people united to seize victory from the jaws of the beastmen, earning themselves temporary respite from a life-and-death struggle.

Twenty years have passed since the people's great victory. But now, even as the memories of battle have begun to fade, a new evil grows inside Vana'diel...

And it hungers for the power of the crystals.


  • Hume  


    The most numerous of the five races, Humes have spread from Bastok to live all over Vana'diel. In comparison to the other races, Humes are characterized by having a fairly equal balance of abilities.

  • Elvaan  


    A tall, slender race famed for their swordsmanship, the Elvaan form the majority of the population of San d'Oria.

  • Tarutaru  


    The Tarutaru form the majority of the population of Windurst and are known for their skill with magic. Although they outwardly resemble small children, their physical appearance belies their true age.

  • Mithra  


    A race of catlike humanoids, the Mithra live in Windurst and its surrounding islands. They are characterized by their large ears, long tails, and superior agility. There are very few male Mithra, and only female Mithra venture out into the world.

  • Galka  


    The Galka are a physically imposing race, and are the minority population of Bastok. Characterized by their hulking frames, the Galka are renowned for their unsurpassed strength. The Galka reproduce through a form of reincarnation and hence have no specific gender, but are generally considered to be male.

  • Shantotto  


    A Tarutaru doctor and former minister of the Windurst Orastery who possesses extraordinary talent in black magic, Shantotto has a superiority complex and a short fuse. It's said her pride is higher than the pinnacles of the Gustaberg range, and her temper hotter than the magma flowing forth from the mighty Mount Yuhtunga. When she retired, she left the ministry to her successor, Ajido-Marujido. Her looks and cadence mimic those of a lady, but her words and actions are shocking and unpredictable.

  • Lion  


    Lion washed ashore on the port of Norg when she was just a little girl, and was taken in by the pirate leader Gilgamesh who raised her like his own. As she investigates the behaviors of the Beastmen and forces of darkness, she meets the Adventurer, and together, they resolve to stop the revival of the Shadow Lord. A beautiful and tough woman, she has a strong will and cheerful disposition, and is familiar with world affairs and the ways of the universe.

  • Kam'lanaut  


    The Archduke of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, Kam'lanaut maintains a youthful appearance despite his age. Thirty years ago, he and his brother, Eald'narche, were picked up by a fishing boat and taken to Jeuno, where he succeeded in transforming the poor fishing village into a first-world nation. During the Crystal War, he constructed the Alliance of Altana, the collective forces of Jeuno and the three nations, and played a vital role in their victory.

  • Eald'narche  


    Eald'narche is the brother of Kam'lanaut, the Archduke of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno. With his vast knowledge and keen eye for politics, he assists Kam'lanaut with his duties. He retains the appearance of a young boy as he's failed to age in over thirty years. His mystifying power to read minds lends to his otherworldly air.

  • Prishe  


    A young theologist and head of the Tavnazian Safehold's patrol guards, an accident during her baptism left her with a unique constitution. Feared by the people of Tavnazia as "the abhorrent one," she's loud, confident, but also possesses a childlike innocence.
    (Appears in the expansion pack "Chains of Promathia," etc.)

  • Aphmau  


    Aphmau is the Royal Puppetmaster for Empress Nashmeira of Aht Urhgan. Friendly and caring, she's rarely seen without her Automatons, Mnejing and Ovjang. Despite her position within the castle confines, she submits to Razfahd and his squad of Immortals.
    (Appears in the expansion back "Treasures of Aht Urhgan")

  • Lilisette  


    Known as the "Moonshade Butterfly," Lilisette is a new dancer of Troupe Mayakov, and of renowned grace and exotic beauty due to her mixed Hume and Elvaan heritage. Little is known about her besides her mysterious power to foresee the future.
    (Appears in the expansion pack "Wings of the Goddess")

  • Shadow Lord  

    Shadow Lord

    Responsible for the Crystal War and plunging the world into chaos, the Shadow Lord rallied the Beastmen in an effort to annihilate the Enlighted Races of Vana'diel. However, the forces of good emerged victorious. Twenty years later, the Shadow Lord is resurrected by the forces of darkness...

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