The ruthless emperor of Palamecia leads his demonic armies across the land, laying waste to all in his path. One by one the nations fall, and those without the will to resist are forced into servitude. When the conflict reaches the borders of Fynn, its people choose to fight, and are all but annihilated. After the loss of Castle Fynn, the survivors flee to nearby Altair, where the rebellion makes a temporary headquarters.

Among the survivors are Firion, Maria, and Guy; rescued by the rebel leader Princess Hilda and the white mage Minwu. Though young and implusive, they gain Hilda's trust and are allowed to join her battle against the empire. While the road ahead may be paved with loss and sacrifice, each victory brings them closer to reclaiming their homeland.


  • Firion  


    Firion was raised alongside Leon, Maria, and Guy after being orphaned at an early age. During the invasion of Fynn, his adoptive parents are murdered and his home burned to the ground. He awakens to find himself in the rebel stronghold in Altair, where he is reunited with Maria and Guy. The three pledge allegiance to the rebellion. Firion's unwavering resolve may prove to be the deciding factor in the war against the empire.

  • Maria  


    Together with Firion and Guy, Maria escapes the massacre at Fynn and joins the rebel army. While she appears strong and independent, she is deeply concerned for her brother Leon, whose whereabouts are unknown. Firion and Guy look to her to be the voice of reason when all hope seems lost.

  • Guy  


    Guy was raised by wolves until he was taken in by Leon and Maria's parents. His enormous frame and somewhat brutish appearance are in stark contrast to his kind and timid nature. His speech is rather limited, but he is able to communicate with animals. Now a member of the rebellion, he follows Firion and Maria into battle.

  • Leon  


    Leon grew up in Fynn with his sister Maria and their adopted brothers Firion and Guy. When the empire attacks, he attempts to flee with the others, but is separated from them when confronted by a detachment of imperial soldiers. Maria still holds onto the hope that he survived the encounter.

  • The Emperor  

    The Emperor

    As ambitious as he is cruel, the emperor of Palamecia is a man to be feared. His terrifying magic makes him a force to be reckoned with, while his vast armies are bolstered with demons summoned from the underworld. Nations that succumb to his will are enslaved, while those who oppose him are destroyed without mercy.

  • Minwu  


    A mysterious white mage from a faraway land, Minwu served the nation of Fynn until its annexation. He now works as one of Hilda's closest aides, providing the rebels with his unmatched healing magic and keen strategic acumen. He would pay any price to restore peace to the land.

  • Josef  


    Josef hails from the northern town of Salamand, who at first seems as cold and unwelcoming as his snow-blasted surroundings. When Hilda sends Firion and the others to meet him, he is reluctant to help, but eventually warms to them. This gruff and uncompromising rebel agent proves to be a steadfast ally in their time of need.

  • Gordon  


    Gordon and his older brother Scott, the two princes of Kashuan, fought to defend Fynn after the fall of their homeland. As the imperials breached the throne room and Scott made a last stand, Gordon turned and fled. Since that day, he has wandered aimlessly, cursing his own cowardice and tormented by guilt. However, there may yet be a way to reignite the fire in his heart...

  • Leila  


    Leila is a pirate captain with Paloom at the center of her territory. As befits her position, she has all the mannerisms of a hardy woman of the sea, but she also has a caring disposition and never ignores those in need. Although she initially views Firion and his friends as potential targets, they soon find themselves fighting on the same side.

  • Ricard  

    Ricard Highwind

    As the last of the dragoons, Ricard is searching for the Ultima tome to avenge the fall of Deist, his homeland. Although his first meeting with Firion's party owes more to luck than judgment, his fate becomes closely entwined with theirs as they strive towards a common goal. Beneath his proud exterior lies a brave and righteous soul.

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