The Gulgan thus prophesied:
"The earthquake was only the beginning.
The great tremors that swallowed the crystals,
the light of our world, only to spawn monsters
from the depths of the scarred land,
are nothing but harbingers
of what has yet to come.
Something is coming...fathomless, ominous,
and full of sorrow...
But hope is not yet lost.
Four souls will be blessed with light,
and so it shall begin..."


  • Luneth  


    Luneth is an orphan raised by Nina and Elder Topapa in the village of Ur. Adventurous by nature, his curiosity gets the better of him as he tumbles into a hole created by the great earthquake.

  • Arc  


    Arc is another orphan raised by Topapa, and Luneth's best friend. Unlike Luneth, he prefers reading over gamboling in the wild. His studies endow him with great knowledge that more than makes up for his shyness.

  • Refia  


    Refia was raised in Kazus by the mythril smith Takka, whose rigorous training led her to run away from home...again.

  • Ingus  


    A loyal soldier of King Sasune's army, Ingus narrowly escaped the Djinn's curse. His prime concern is finding the missing Princess Sara.

  • Xande  


    Xande was an apprentice under the Great Magus Noah. When his master died, Xande was granted the gift of mortality. Unable to comprehend the purpose of such a gift, the fear of his own death drove him mad. He flooded the world with darkness, stopping the flow of time in an attempt to avert his demise.

  • Cloud of Darkness  

    Cloud of Darkness

    The Cloud of Darkness exists beyond the physical realm, appearing when dark threatens to overwhelm the light. Its only purpose is to return all to nothingness.

  • Sara Altney  

    Sara Altney

    Princess Sara of Sasune is brave and headstrong, taking matters into her own hands when her people fall victim to the curse of the Djinn. Even after she parts ways with Ingus and the others, she continues to pray for their safety.

  • Cid Haze  

    Cid Haze

    Cid is an eccentric inventor from Canaan. Luneth and his friends borrow Cid's airship at the beginning of their quest, and come to rely on his ingenuity. He also seems to know something of their past...

  • Desch  


    Desch is an enigmatic wanderer whom the party encounters in the most unlikely of places. He suffers from amnesia, but has a vague sense of some unknown duty he must fulfill.

  • Aria Benett  

    Aria Benett

    Aria is one of the Maidens of Water, priestesses who sealed away the Water Crystal until the arrival of the Warriors of Light. She awakens from a deep sleep and guides Luneth's party in their quest to restore light to the Water Crystal.

  • Alus Restor  

    Alus Restor

    Prince Alus has been cast out of Saronia by the king after protesting against the inhumane treatment of his soldiers. Alus pleads with Arc and the others to help him enter the castle to bring his father to his senses.

  • Doga  


    Doga lives isolated from civilization with his moogle followers. Together with Unei and Xande, he was an apprentice under Noah, and received the gift of powerful magic when his master passed away. His wisdom and guidance are of great benefit to the Warriors of Light.

  • Unei  


    Unei received power over the dream world as a parting gift from her master Noah. As a result, she remains in a slumber while her mind roams the realm of dreams. The time of her awakening approaches...

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