The kingdom of Baron continues its conquest of neighboring nations with the unsurpassed might of its airship squadrons. The Crystals are the true targets, although the kingdom's plans for them remain unclear. Cecil Harvey, commander of the Red Wings, has been ordered to deliver the Carnelian Signet to the village of Mist. However, King Baron's motives are far more sinister than Cecil could have suspected...
Cecil soon finds himself in a battle to protect his loved ones, to discover his true identity, and to deliver the world from destruction.


  • Cecil Harvey  

    Cecil Harvey

    Cecil is commander of Baron's Red Wings airship squadron and a formidable dark knight. While he has earned the love and respect of those close to him, he begins to question himself as he is ordered to commit unconscionable atrocities in the name of his king. This inner conflict leads to him following his heart on a journey of self-discovery in which his very soul and the fate of the world are at stake.

  • Kain Highwind  

    Kain Highwind

    His proficiency as a dragoon is matched only by his fierce loyalty to his dear friend and rival Cecil. Although Kain agrees to follow Cecil in opposing their king, the two are separated and much changes during their time apart. Kain's suppressed feelings for Cecil's beloved Rosa may prove to be his undoing...

  • Rosa Joanna Farrell  

    Rosa Joanna Farrell

    Rosa is renowned throughout Baron as an exceptional archer, skilled white mage, and unmatched beauty. She grew up alongside Cecil and Kain, and as the years went by, she was drawn closer and closer to Cecil. Though she tends to be quiet and thoughtful, she would do anything for Cecil, and rushes off in search of him when his disappearance is announced.

  • Rydia  


    Rydia is a young summoner from the village of Mist. After tragedy befalls the peaceful hamlet, she is filled with rage toward those she holds responsible. As her nascent magical abilities grow, she plays an increasingly crucial role in the fate of the world.

  • Tellah  


    Tellah is a wizened sage and wielder of a vast array of spells. He swears to avenge his daughter Anna's death after Golbez's attack on Damcyan. Though he can be short-tempered and forgetful, his wisdom and kindness make him a valuable ally.

  • Edward Chris von Muir  

    Edward Chris von Muir

    Edward concealed his true identity as the prince of Damcyan with the guise of a bard and planned to elope with his love, Anna. Their dreams were cut tragically short following Damcyan's destruction and Anna's death. His sensitive disposition makes him poorly suited to combat, but his skills as a bard prove to be vital in Cecil's quest.

  • Yang Fang Leiden  

    Yang Fang Leiden

    As grandmaster of the monks of Fabul, he instructs his brethren in the ways of martial arts. After Cecil's party saves him from a vicious foe sent by Golbez, they fight side by side in defense of Fabul. An extremely disciplined warrior, Yang is respectful and humble to a fault, and his loyalty is without question.

  • Palom & Porom  

    Palom & Porom

    These young twin mages are serving as apprentices to the elder of Mysidia. Although they seem much alike at first glance, Palom boasts of his abilities as a black mage despite being neglectful in his studies, while his sister Porom is well-mannered and devoted to mastering white magic. They are initially assigned to supervise Cecil in his trials and gradually become trusted allies. While they may be as different as night and day, their mutual understanding and cooperation are of great benefit to the party.

  • Cid Polledina  

    Cid Polledina

    A citizen of Baron, Cid serves as chief airship engineer. He treats Cecil as if he were his own flesh and blood, and like Cecil, he harbors doubts concerning King Baron's methods. Cid is tirelessly devoted to his craft, providing his companions with mechanical marvels to aid in their quest. Always with a smile on his face, he is warm-hearted and dependable, but has a reckless disregard for his own safety.

  • Edge Geraldine  

    Edge Geraldine

    Known by the moniker "Edge," the crown prince of Eblan has inherited the secrets of ninja masters. After his homeland is laid to waste by the Archfiend of Fire, Rubicante, the survivors go into hiding while Edge plans his revenge. His courage and determination are admirable and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. However, he must learn to control his hotheaded nature if he is to fulfill his true potential.

  • Fusoya  


    Fusoya is a member of the ancient Lunarian race and watches over the Blue Planet while the rest of his people lie in slumber. He has foreseen Cecil's arrival and intends to share with him knowledge that will shape the young man's destiny. Fusoya is not content merely to observe and lends his mystical powers to the cause.

  • Golbez  


    The enigmatic and fearsome Golbez is tasked with gathering the Crystals at the behest of King Baron. His penchant for wanton destruction soon becomes apparent as he reduces Damcyan to rubble in his search for the Fire Crystal. He ostensibly serves the kingdom of Baron, but his true motives remain shrouded in mystery.

  • Zemus  


    This mysterious entity bides his time, waiting for his machinations to bear fruit.

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