Since time immemorial, the four Crystals have maintained the harmony of the elements, and the civilizations of man flourished. However, the light of the Crystals begins to wane, ominously portending dark days to come. Princess Lenna of Tycoon journeys in pursuit of her father, who has not been seen since leaving to investigate the Wind Crystal. Her path soon crosses with that of Bartz, a young adventurer whose heart is set on traveling the world. With each encounter and each bond they forge, they move closer to unraveling the mystery of the Crystals. Meanwhile, an ancient evil looms, plotting his return...


  • Bartz Klauser  

    Bartz Klauser

    Bartz sets out on his trusty chocobo, Boko, to see the world, as was his father's dying wish. His chance meeting with Lenna leads him to follow in his father's footsteps in protecting the Crystals. His carefree attitude sees him and his friends through desperate situations and his proficiency as a warrior helps them overcome many deadly adversaries.

  • Lenna Charlotte Tycoon  

    Lenna Charlotte Tycoon

    Princess Lenna refuses to give up hope of finding her father and sets out on a perilous journey alone. Before long, she is joined by Bartz and Galuf, whose fates seem tied to her own. Her warm heart and evenhandedness earn her the loyalty and respect of her companions, and she would gladly sacrifice herself for others. She has a close affinity to animals, particularly wind drakes.

  • Galuf Halm Baldesion  

    Galuf Halm Baldesion

    Galuf's sudden appearance coincides with the falling of a meteorite near Tycoon. He suffers from amnesia when Lenna and Bartz first find him, but a lingering sense of purpose drives him to travel with Lenna to the Wind Shrine. While he initially appears to be little more than a forgetful old man, there is more to him than meets the eye...

  • Faris Scherwiz  

    Faris Scherwiz

    Faris commands not only a notorious band of pirates but an enormous sea dragon named Syldra. At first, it seems that Faris plans to capture Lenna in a bid to earn ransom money, but has a change of heart upon seeing Lenna's pendant. Faris's brusque manner is suspected by some to be a facade to mask a deeply held secret.

  • Krile Mayer Baldesion  

    Krile Mayer Baldesion

    Krile has searched far and wide to locate her grandfather Galuf, who raised her after the disappearance of her parents. She gained the ability to communicate with moogles and wind drakes after years spent in their company. Her bravery and gift for magic make her a far more stalwart ally than her lack of experience might suggest.

  • Exdeath  


    The malevolent warlock known as Exdeath has been sealed away for decades, yet his soul lives on. Even now, he is able to exert his influence and manipulate others into doing his bidding. Should the shackles that hold him ever be broken, untold calamity would be visited upon the world.

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