In a world in which the ancient power of the sorceress lives on, people cower in fear of Sorceress Adel and the troops of Esthar, a nation advanced in both technology and magic. However, the great nation abruptly falls silent and closes its borders. The long-fought Sorceress War comes to an end, and peace is restored to the world.

But that was seventeen years ago, and now there is a new threat―the military nation of Galbadia has allied with Sorceress Edea for world domination. Squall, a member of Balamb Garden's mercenary force SeeD, together with his friends and Rinoa, a member of a resistance group, are shipped off to war, unaware of their fated task to save the world.


  • Squall Leonhart  

    Squall Leonhart

    A Balamb Garden SeeD cadet and mercenary-in-training, Squall is a lone wolf, cold and withdrawn from others. As he passes the exam to become a SeeD, he joins the Forest Owls on their mission, and gradually begins to open up to those around him.

  • Rinoa Heartilly  

    Rinoa Heartilly

    A member of the Timber resistance group Forest Owls, Rinoa devises a plan to kidnap the Galbadian president, Vinzer Deling. She heads to Balamb Garden to employ SeeD mercenaries, and there, she meets Squall. They reunite when he's chosen to aid the Forest Owls on their mission.

  • Quistis Trepe  

    Quistis Trepe

    A beautiful and intelligent woman, Quistis is not only a SeeD, but a popular instructor with her own fan club. Though initially Squall's instructor, her license is revoked after Seifer performs recklessly during his exam. No longer employed by the academy, she joins Squall and the others on their journey as a SeeD herself.

  • Zell Dincht  

    Zell Dincht

    Zell is a cadet at Balamb Garden who passes the field test alongside Squall. He acts without thinking and often ends up with his foot in his mouth. Though loud and energetic, Zell is very knowledgeable and supports Squall with his intellect as well as his physical prowess.

  • Selphie Tilmitt  

    Selphie Tilmitt

    Selphie is a friendly and outgoing transfer student from Trabia Garden. Upon arriving at Balamb Garden, she jumps at the chance to help out with the Garden Festival. She's a fearless girl who maintains a cheerful demeanor even during times of sorrow.

  • Irvine Kinneas  

    Irvine Kinneas

    An expert gunman who trained at Galbadia Garden, Irvine joins Squall and the others to carry out the assassination of Sorceress Edea. At first glance he's suave and arrogant, but on the inside he's sensitive and weak under pressure.

  • Laguna Loire  

    Laguna Loire

    A Galbadian soldier who dreams of becoming a journalist, Laguna is extremely scatterbrained and clumsy, getting lost during missions and using the wrong maps to find his way. He questions his life in the military and retires after an incident during a recon mission.

  • Kiros Seagill  

    Kiros Seagill

    Kiros is a member of the Galbadian army who fought alongside and retired with Laguna. Though the youngest of the group, he's the voice of reason and attempts to keep Laguna in check as he looks out for his friend.

  • Ward Zabac  

    Ward Zabac

    Standing at seven feet, Ward looks extremely intimidating due to his stature and the large scar on his face. Despite his physical appearance, he's caring and friendly, and a crucial part of Laguna's team. During battle, he suffers a major wound and retires from the military shortly after.

  • Seifer Almasy  

    Seifer Almasy

    Seifer is a problem child, but also the head of the Disciplinary Committee. Though he possesses the skills to be a great mercenary, his hotheaded and rebellious nature causes him to fail exam after exam. Seifer forces himself into Squall's mission in an effort to help Rinoa, an act that changes his fate forever.

  • Sorceress Edea  

    Sorceress Edea

    Edea is first introduced as the new Galbadian ambassador, but is in fact a powerful sorceress who poses a serious threat to Squall and his friends. While few know of her past, none know of her motives.

  • Ultimecia  


    A sorceress from the future, Ultimecia has the power to bend time and space to her will.

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