• Oct. 17, 2019

FF Weekly: October 3rd Poll Results

Q. Who is your favorite Cranberry Knight in FFT0?

You voted, and the polls show―Class Zero Moogle (Moglin) is the favorite by a long shot! Let's look at some comments and see why Moglin is so well-liked.

"Part teacher, part emotional support, part stat booster. What's not to like?"
"Moglin supported us through the end of the world!"
"What’s not to love for the best support provided by Hatzkhaminei Lowtoyosna Eripulci."
"Because its the cutest of all, and strongest."
"Who else got a cool nickname?"

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 was released in Japan on October 27, 2011!

FFT0 takes place in the Akademeia, a school where each class is assigned one of the adorable Cranberry Knights. These reliable classroom assistants are also known as the Military Operation Organization Guidance Logistics Experts―or just "MOOGLE," for short.

Which brings us to this week's poll―or should we say, this week's popularity contest?

Q. Who is your favorite Cranberry Knight in FFT0?

Class Zero Moogle (Moglin)

Class First Moogle

Class Second Moogle

Class Third Moogle

Class Fourth Moogle

Class Fifth Moogle

Class Sixth Moogle

Class Seventh Moogle

Class Eighth Moogle

Class Ninth Moogle

Class Tenth Moogle

Class Eleventh Moogle

Class Twelfth Moogle

Poll Duration:
October 3–October 9, 2019, 23:59 (PDT)

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