• Apr. 16, 2020

FF Weekly: April 16th Remember When...

FINAL FANTASY VI was released in Japan on April 2, 1994!

Biggs and Wedge are a pair of characters that appear throughout the FINAL FANTASY series games, but their first appearance was in FINAL FANTASY VI.
This week, we'd like to take a look at some of the different ways Biggs and Wedge have been portrayed throughout FINAL FANTASY!


In FFVI, their first appearance, these two are soldiers of the Gestahlian Empire and members of the player's party at the start of the adventure. While excorting Terra to Narshe, they disappear in a flash of light upon encountering a frozen esper. In the original translation "Biggs" was written as "Vicks."


In FFVIII Biggs and Wedge are soldiers enlisted in the Galbadian army. Biggs was a technicians officer (Major) before ending up demoted to Lieutenant for botching various missions with Wedge. As the lesser ranking officer, Wedge is constantly dealing with the outlandish demands of his superior Biggs...quite the odd couple.

In FFX, this pair works as security guards for the Luca blitzball stadium. It's possible to scout them to be blitzball players. They are also starting members of Yuna's blitzball team, the Gullwings, in FINAL FANTASY X-2.


Biggs and Wedge also appear in the recently released FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE!
They are members of Avalanche, a resistance organization dedicated to stopping the Shinra Electric Power Company. Biggs is the brains of the team, and is in charge of drawing up mission plans. This even-tempered man often covers for his hotheaded and occasionally reckless leader, Barret. A neat freak, Biggs loves nothing more than cleaning and showering. Meanwhile, his comrade Wedge uses his connections and charming personality to collect intel and recruit new people to the resistance effort. He also has the very important job of taste testing the latest culinary creations at Seventh Heaven, the bar run by Tifa―Cloud's childhood friend.

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