• May 7, 2020

FF Weekly: May 7th Remember When...

This Sunday, May 10, is Mother’s Day!
We’re celebrating this special day by taking a look back at some of the moms who’ve appeared throughout the FINAL FANTASY series.

■Cloud’s Mother

In FINAL FANTASY VII, Cloud’s deceased mother appears via flashbacks throughout the game. In one such instance, Cloud returns to his hometown of Nibelheim after many years away, and his mother—overjoyed to see her son grown—teases him by commenting how the ladies must not be able to keep their hands off him.

■Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI

In FINAL FANTASY IX, the reigning queen of Alexandria is the princess Garnet’s mother. Though the monarch was once beloved by the people, the death of her husband saw her succumb to grief and despair. Kuja, taking advantage of her fragile state, convinced Queen Brahne to commit abhorrent atrocities, such as creating an army of Black Mages and invading surrounding territories.

■F'lhaminn Qesh

In FINAL FANTASY XIV, F'lhaminn is a retired performer who once captured the hearts of a generation as the famed Songstress of Ul'dah. Some fifteen years past, she and the goldsmith Niellefresne, her lover, joined together with other prominent youths to set a beast stampeding at a parade. Their intent had been to gain political clout by smoothly resolving the incident. However, the plan failed, and a number of people were left dead in its wake—including F'lhaminn's paramour, though under suspicious circumstances. The Seeker of the Sun singer thereafter raised a young girl named Ascilia, whom her machinations had orphaned. Now thirty-seven, she works with her adopted daughter—having since changed the child’s name to Minfilia—and delights the Scions with her carefully crafted Ul'dahn cuisine.

■Arecia Al-Rashia

In FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0, Arecia Al-Rashia is the head of the Sorcery Division at Akademia. She is known throughout the school as “Doctor Al-Rashia,” but is lovingly referred to as “Mother” by the 12 cadets of Class 0, whom she in turn calls “her children.”

■Mom Bomb

A monster in FINAL FANTASY IV capable of using the treacherous Massive Explosion ability. Though it initially appears as your standard bomb enemy on Mount Hobs, it swells in size when its HP is reduced. After warning the party of its impending explosion, it detonates, engulfing Cecil and comrades in its blast before splitting itself into six Gray Bombs. This boss is a tough one to take down before it blows, especially if you haven’t been keeping on top of your characters’ levels!