• May 21, 2020

FF Weekly: May 21st Remember When...

May 20 is World Bee Day!
To commemorate, in this week’s FF Weekly we’d like to introduce some bee-related monsters that appear in FF series games.

■Hornet (FFII)

The first appearance of a monster that looks like a bee is in FINAL FANTASY II. While its normal attack can inflict the “poison” status, being an enemy encountered near the town of Altair at the beginning of the game, it is easily defeated.

■Rock Wasp (FFVI)

Monster that appears near the town of Kohlingen. Its sleepsting ability inflicts the “sleep” status – be careful not to end up dozing off if you encounter this monster!

■Bee (FFXI)

A vermin-type monster. When its health gets low enough, it will use the special attack “Final Sting.” This attack deals great damage in exchange for the bee’s life.

■Killer Wasp (FFXV)

Low-flying bee-type monster. More aggressive than the visually similar Killer Bee enemy, its ability to inflict not only poison but confusion as well, and to attack party members by lifting them up and dropping them to the ground, makes this monster a major nuisance.

■Bonus: Honeybee Inn (FFVII)
An ostentatious building that stands in FINAL FANTASY VII’s Wall Market.

It also appears in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, in which it is owned by the dancer Andrea Rhodea. Inside, patrons are treated to dazzling performances that defy description.
To earn a shot at becoming the next bride of Don Corneo—the man who practically runs Wall Market—Cloud seeks out Andrea. But what awaits our spiky-headed hero inside this dangerously alluring establishment...?