• May 28, 2020

FF Weekly: May 28th Remember When...

Today, May 28, is Fireworks Day in Japan, so we'd like to introduce some scenes from FF games featuring fireworks!

Golden Saucer Date Scene (FFVII)

Who can forget the fireworks during the gondola ride in FINAL FANTASY VII's Golden Saucer date scene? The song accompanying the conversations between Cloud and friends on the gondola is also called "Interrupted by Fireworks." It's a somber piece that accentuates the intimacy of the scene...unless Cloud ends up going on a date with Barret, in which case "Barret's Theme" sets the mood.

Edea's Inauguration Parade (FFVIII)

During the parade for Sorceress Edea's inauguration as ambassador to Galbadia, fireworks litter the sky. While normally a joyous sight, with the knowledge Squall and friends have about Edea, these fireworks take on an almost ominous air...

Opening of I Want to Be Your Canary Performance (FFIX)

In one of the earliest scenes of the game, Tantalus Theater Troupe gives their performance of the play I Want to Be Your Canary for Queen Brahne, Princess Garnet and those Alexandrian citizens lucky enough to get a ticket. The show begins with a splendid fireworks display from the stage!

Snow and Serah Proposal Scene (FFXIII)

In this scene, Snow proposes to Serah in front of the Bodhum annual fireworks, to which she says yes! They then view the fireworks up close and share a romantic kiss as the beautiful festival scene continues behind them.

It's about the season for fireworks in many places around the world – why not experience some in the worlds of FINAL FANTASY?