• June 11, 2020

FF Weekly: June 11th Remember When...

June 8 was World Ocean Day, so in this edition of FF Weekly we’d like to explore a few FINAL FANTASY ocean locations!

Sunken Shrine (FFI)

Even in the very first FINAL FANTASY series title, you could travel under the sea! If you speak to the woman waiting on the dock in the town of Onrac after obtaining the Oxyale that lets your party breathe underwater, she asks you to “save the mermaids” and jumps into the ocean. Hop into the barrel behind her to be taken to the Sunken Shrine, an underwater dungeon with one floor inhabited by mermaids. Defeat the Sunken Shrine’s boss, Kraken, to save them!

Mysterious Statue (FFV)

At the southeast side of the bottom of the ocean in FFV, there stands a single stone sculpture resembling a moai statue. While it mysteriously served no purpose in the original Japan-exclusive Super Famicom (Super NES) release, in re-releases this odd relic transports the player to a secret dungeon after certain requirements are met!

Bottom of the Sea (FFVII)

In FFVII, the player is allowed to explore certain areas of the bottom of the sea after obtaining the Shinra Sub at Junon. Undersea points of interest include the Key to Ancients – a literal key item in the story - the sunken Gelnika plane which holds some of the best items and toughest monsters in the game, and the incredibly challenging optional boss Emerald Weapon!

Baaj Temple (FFX)

Encountered very early in the story of FFX, it is only later revealed that these ruins are remains of what was once Baaj city. Due to being mostly submerged in the ocean, certain areas of the ruins require Tidus and friends to navigate by swimming. Revisiting the temple later in the game allows Yuna to acquire the aeon Anima.

These are just a few of the many places in FINAL FANTASY titles’ oceans! Do you have a favorite watery destination in an FF game?