• July 2, 2020

FF Weekly: July 2nd Remember When...

Today, July 2, is World UFO Day!
UFO stands for “unidentified flying object” – many people believe UFOs to be ships ridden by aliens from outer space!

Did you know that there’s an appearance by a UFO in FINAL FANTASY VIII?

In certain locations on the world map of FFVIII, one can encounter the curious object in the above image, sometimes carrying strange things like cows or pyramids. On the fifth encounter, one has the option to attack the object – called, appropriately, “UFO?” – and with enough damage it will explode, launching off into the distance to crash somewhere else on the world map.

Visiting where it crashed leads to a unique chance meeting...

This cute creature is called PuPu, and it will keep requesting elixirs!

Give it enough and PuPu will thank you, ending the battle, and you will now be the owner of a one-of-a-kind PuPu Triple Triad card! What could PuPu have needed the elixirs for...?