• Aug. 6, 2020

FF Weekly: August 6th Remember When...

August 8, International Cat Day, is just around the corner! So, in today’s FF Weekly we’d like to introduce some cats that appear in FINAL FANTASY games. Let’s get started!

Wedge the Cat Caretaker (FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE)

Avalanche member Wedge is a major cat lover and watches over a number of the furry critters in the Midgar slums. During the events of FFVII REMAKE, he introduces Cloud to three of his feline friends—Biggums, Reggie and Smalls! Although it seems that this mercenary isn’t really a cat person...

Lost Cat Side Quest (FFIX)

As Vivi in Alexandria at the beginning of FFIX, you have the option to help a boy named Tom find his lost cat, Mittens. Tom will give you a reward if you talk to him after finding Mittens, so don’t miss this side quest next time you play FINAL FANTASY IX!

Serah’s Cat (FFXIII-2)

In FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, main character Serah adopts a stray cat and names it Snow, after her fiancé, Snow Villiers. Snow is popular throughout New Bodham and quickly becomes a part of the family at NORA house, taking a special place in the heart of Serah and friends!

Kitty Catering (FFXV)

In Galdin Quay, Noctis encounters a hungry cat, but it won’t eat just anything. What could a cat enjoy eating...? And Galdin Quay isn’t the only place this cat appears in FINAL FANTASY XV—observant players can find it again later in the game!

There are lots of cats in many FINAL FANTASY titles, so keep an eye out for them on this year’s International Cat Day!