• Aug. 14, 2020

Results of the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Post-Play Survey

First off, a big thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey we ran in July. We've compiled all the answers you sent in, and we're happy to present you with our findings—complete with comments from some of our respondents!

Q: Cloud helped Aerith deliver flowers to Leaf House. Which flower arrangement was put up outside Leaf House afterwards?

It looks like that the vast majority of people got the chocobo arrangement! This one gets put up if you picked the yellow flowers even once, and it's not too surprising many of you did, as Aerith did give one to Cloud when they first met.

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・What a cute addition to the game!! I took a screenshot and made it my wallpaper.
・Chocobo because yellow is the special flower for Cloud and Aerith meeting for the first time.
・Loved this side mission, got to see another side to Cloud. Love to see him come out of his shell.
・I love cactuars, so I was glad it got it.
・I loved seeing Aerith’s house being used more. It was one of my favorite places in the original.

Q: Which outfit was Cloud wearing during the audition to become Don Corneo’s bride?

While he wore Dress B in most people's playthroughs, C—the one you get for completing all of Madam M's quests—is also the one that draws the most attention to him from people around town.

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・The designs by far exceeded my expectations compared to the design from the original.
・(Dress C) Very glamorous, lots of intricate details. Really liked the long flowing hair.
・I enjoyed doing different side quests to get different dresses. He looked pretty in all the dresses.
・I was actually jealous of Dress B. I love the design so much! I would wear it every day if I could!
・It was a "great, much more enjoyable, and in–depth" throwback to the original game.

Q: Which outfit was Tifa wearing during the audition to become Don Corneo’s bride?

She wore Dress A in about half the respondents' playthroughs, meaning they picked "Something mature" when asked what would suit her. While much ado has been made about the dresses themselves, each has accessories that complement them nicely.

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・(Dress B) Attention to detail...epic! Animal-print, something I'd not considered, yet works.
・I chose A because it's her classic one, she looks great in it, and it matches with Aerith's red dress.
・(Dress B) Liked the fighter vibe it gave off. Felt true to her character.
・Really appreciated the level of class Tifa was given with each option.
・(Dress C) Very cute and traditional. Fit Tifa's personality!

Q: Which outfit was Aerith wearing during the audition to become Don Corneo’s bride?

Over 90% of people got Dress C! As the dress she wears depends on how many odd jobs Cloud finishes in Chapter 8, those players truly earned this gorgeous reward.

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・Dress B was my favorite because the dress was simple but very pretty.
・(Dress C) One of the breathtaking moments in FF7R for me. I will always remember Aerith and the red dress.
・(Dress A) She seemed really embarrassed, but I personally thought the dress was really cute ;w;
・(Dress C) All of the dresses are beautiful, but helping the people of Sector 5 was natural.
・(Dress B) I just love Aerith more with pink dresses since it is a signature color for her.

Q: What did you tell Chocobo Sam that Tifa looks like when looking for her upon arriving at Wall Market?

Approximately 60% of survey takers told him that Tifa is "in great shape," which makes sense, as it works even if Sam has never actually interacted with her before. Interestingly enough, Sam knows who Cloud's talking about when the player chooses "She's great at handling the books." Maybe she helped balance his checkbook before seeing the don?

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・(“She’s in great shape.”) She was in great shape. Also thought that was more helpful in looking for her than her skills.
・(“She’s a great fighter.“) She is!! Those pull ups were 10/10. Respect for Tifa.
・(“She’s great at handling the books.”) Figured Cloud enjoyed her drinks.
・(“She’s a great fighter.“) Because she can even hit robots with her bare fists.
・(“She’s in great shape.”) Who would give a non-physical description to a stranger trying to ascertain their location?!?

Q: What did you say in response to the barker in Wall Market when he asked,
"Do you have a place to stay this enchanted evening? We have the perfect room for a sweet-looking couple like you"?

Almost half of our respondents wanted to know "How much," but conversely, that means over half turned down the offer.

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・(“...No thanks.”) I laughed when Aerith teased Cloud about his response to the barker. It was cute.
・(“...No thanks.”) Sketchy guy, sketchy, thanks.
・(“How much?”) I wanted to see Aerith's reaction!
・(“How much?”) I always rested there in the original FF7, so I was genuinely curious how much gil it would cost.
・(“Back off.”) Seemed like a natural thing for Cloud to say. Also, they're on a rescue mission lest we forget.

Q: When Chocobo Sam asks to play coin toss for Aerith to get into Corneo’s audition, which choice did you make?

Surprisingly (or not?) almost a third of people didn't even throw their hats in the ring. Maybe Sam's attitude gave them cause for concern? Or maybe it made them think of the coin toss scene in FINAL FANTASY VI and they accidentally hit "No deal" while lost in reverie?

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・I hoped for a chance...and the...coin was tricked. lol
・(“Heads.”) I chose heads because I ran into Johnny beforehand saying he should've picked heads.
・(“Tails.”) Might as well play along.
・I’m an idiot and should've known it was a scam, but my inner gambling spirit got the best of me.
・(“No deal.”) I knew he had to be shady because it's Wall Market!

Q: Which of Madam M’s hand massage courses did you choose?

Gil's in short supply in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, and yet three quarters of survey takers chose the 3,000-gil luxury course! Apparently some people even said they spent all their savings on it, leaving them unable to participate in the Corneo Cup.

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・(Poor Man’s Course) I JUST spent all my gil on new weapons right before this scene! It was the only one I could afford.
・(Standard Course) I didn't want to give too much money, but also not too few, because a mad Madam M is scary.
・(Luxury Course) Cloud had a rough past few days. He deserved to splurge on a massage.
・Each was delightfully awkward and I loved seeing Cloud's reactions during/after!
・(Luxury Course) I had the poor man in my hard mode replay. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Q: How did you respond when asked how Aerith’s outfit looks in Madam M’s hand-massage parlor?

Most of you had Cloud respond with "It's alright." Some people said they chose "Looks comfortable," as that's something they thought he would say in that situation.

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・Aerith is beautiful no matter what she wears. I quite like her dress and jacket combo.
・(“It matter what I think?”) Thought it would be nicer/more empowering to Aerith to say that it shouldn’t matter what I think.
・(“It’s alright.”) The best option I had when I really wanted to say "You'd look great wearing anything, my dear."
・(“Looks comfortable.”) Cloud seems like a practical and respectful/tactful kind of guy.
・(“Looks comfortable.”) I think that is what Aerith‘s outfit should be. Beautiful, yet practical.

Q: Who did you speak to in the garden outside Aerith’s house the night before breaking into the Shinra Building?

While Aerith and Tifa were neck and neck, only 2% of those surveyed spoke to Barret. Talk about a truly rare experience.

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・(Barret) It was a really strong and emotional moment. It had quite an impact on me.
・(Aerith) Cloud expresses his feelings, his raw resolve & wants about her so plainly & directly.
・(Aerith) It made me feel things! The other two were nice, but this held so much meaning that it blew my mind.
・Tifa looks so beautiful and worries about everyone, just like me.
・(Tifa) It was the best scene of the game!! So touching and emotional! Loved it!

Q: How did you get to the 59th floor of the Shinra Building?

Though it was by far the tougher of the two routes, about two thirds of people took the stairs! It seems many wanted to see how the stairwell of the original looked with updated graphics.

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・I mistrusted the stairs after my OG playthrough...
・I almost took the stairs but wanted Barret to not complain.
・(Stairs) You just have to on a first playthrough. You have to.
・(Stairs) No regrets; very funny scene. I just thought that it was better to maintain a low profile.
・(Stairs) Barret & Cloud bickering like kids, Tifa acting like a mother telling them to stop. Hilarious.

Q: Which one of Cloud’s abilities is your favorite?

When you think of Cloud abilities, obviously the first one that comes to mind is...Triple Slash? Well, it did beat out Cross-Slash for the top spot. Infinity's End—with its impressive animation—and Counterstance—with its obvious tactical implications—were also popular.

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・(Triple Slash) Great for crowd control.
・(Counterstance) Need to be really good at timing and knowing the enemy attacks.
・(Counterstance) It was a critical move necessary to catch tough enemies off guard, especially in Hard Mode.
・(Triple Slash) Good for one-shotting weaker enemies or for doing decent damage to a boss with little meter loss.
・(Infinity’s End) Simple, flashy, and felt like an enhancement of normal combat as opposed to a special magical ability.

Q: Which one of Barret's abilities is your favorite?

The hailstorm of bullets that is Maximum Fury topped the charts, but Focused Shot—which delivers a high-power energy blast—and the grandiose limit break Catastrophe also received a decent share of votes.

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・(Catastrophe) I think it suits him. Releasing a big burst of energy just like he usually does when he speaks.
・(Focused Shot) Probably the best means of staggering a boss, plus using it correctly is extremely satisfying.
・(Maximum Fury) Automatically changing targets when one is KO'd means effective at range and on multiple enemies.
・(Maximum Fury) I love what Barret says but also the animation and it usually ends enemies pretty quickly.
・(Maximum Fury) It works great to interrupt enemies that can be stunned, such as Bahamut during his countdown.

Q: Which one of Tifa's abilities is your favorite?

Starshower was the most popular choice among those surveyed, but Unbridled Strength, which allows her to power up her attacks, and Dolphin Flurry—one of her limit breaks from the original—both garnered a decent number of votes.

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・(Dolphin Flurry) Ridiculously satisfying and fun limit break to use, especially after powered up with Starshower.
・(Unbridled Strength) Loved building up her chi to unlock new moves, chaining them together in fun and interesting ways.
・It is so much fun seeing Tifa zip around opponents—her combat is my favorite by far.
・(Starshower) It just looks so cool...
・(Starshower) Tifa is my favorite attacker, and this is a powerhouse ability that puts a cap on a lot of fights.

Q: Which one of Aerith's abilities is your favorite?

Judgment Ray—an important attack for her—takes the top spot, followed by Arcane Ward, with one of her limit breaks from FFVII—Healing Wind—coming in a close third.

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・(Healing Wind) It just felt good to use the limit break and seeing the animation and power of it all.
・(Arcane Ward) Coupled with Magic Up and using Aerith, this easily makes her quite formidable.
・(Arcane Ward) The positional awareness required when using this added even more to combat.
・(Ray of Judgement) Even though Aerith doesn’t have many attacks, this one is great, powerful, and ups the stagger gauge.
・(Ray of Judgement) It was literally a lifesaver in numerous battles.

Q: Which is your favorite summon?

Bahamut, conqueror of the skies, flies high above the competition and takes first place! Next, at around half the number of votes, are Shiva and Ifrit. While not one of the options we gave, many people wrote in saying they liked Carbuncle, who was a preorder bonus.

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・(Ifrit) Loved the visual effects of the flame attacks, especially his finishing sequence.
・(Shiva) She's beautiful, I love her start up animation and finishing animation. Incredibly expressive.
・(Shiva) She was one of the only summons that effectively raises your Magic stats upon equipping.
・(Bahamut) Took me a while to get Bahamut, but it was very worth it. That Megaflare was worth it alone.
・(Bahamut) Been around since the first FINAL FANTASY. Staple choice. It's a dragon—what's not to love?

Q: Which is your favorite materia?

Although this category was much more hotly contested than some, it does seem like we have two clear winners—elemental and Magnify. While it didn't place very high, the name alone inspired some players to take the pedometer materia for a walk or two around the block.

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・(Prayer) Main carry in hard mode. Pretty much the only heal I used when playing. Required some getting used to, but after that was a must.
・(First Strike) With First Strike, the battle can be over before it's even begun. Especially when you have the limit break accessory equipped on either Cloud or Tifa.
・(Healing) Don’t leave home without it. Can’t make it far without it. What are you going to use, potions?!
・(Healing) I tend to play heavy offense, so this made it helpful to gain HP during battle or immediately after.
・(Magnify) The most useful aside from elemental as an armor slot. Doing area damage is very important to even the odds quickly.
・(Magnify) Was always thinking about the best pairings for this materia for encounters throughout the game. If you ever forgot to equip it, you noticed almost immediately in combat!
・(Elemental) Introduced a lot of interesting tactical tweaks to think about prior to battle and allowed you to get the upper hand by thinking ahead.
・(Elemental) Healing management is so tricky that damage reduction and absorption is really useful. And being able to add an element to damage is great.

And those're the results! Hopefully they shed some light on what people enjoyed about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, or even encouraged you take another Focused Shot at playing it.

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