• Oct. 29, 2020

FF Weekly: October 29th Remember When...

It’s October 29, and you know what that means – only two days away from Halloween! In the spirit of the season, we’d like to introduce a creepy collection of ghostly enemies from FINAL FANTASY games!

Ghost (FFI, FFII)

Ghosts have appeared in FINAL FANTASY games from the very beginning! Early FF titles featured unique ghost designs, with skull-like faces and weapons in hand. Anyone who happens to encounter these enemies will face a real challenge, as they’re able to inflict significant damage on party members.

Green Soul (FFII)

Yet another apparition from FINAL FANTASY II, Green Soul is an interesting enemy. While the kinds of attacks that damage Green Soul are limited, that doesn’t present too much of a worry as it doesn’t attack the party, instead casting Cure VI on party members and healing their HP. It’s a friendly ghost!

Ghost (FFVII)

Encountered in the train graveyard, this enemy will turn invisible if damaged or stolen from. It will also drain party members’ MP until it has enough to cast Fire, so make sure to defeat it quickly! In FFVII REMAKE, Ghosts not only got a visual overhaul, but also play a role in a portion of Cloud and friends’ adventure!

Ghost (FFXI)

FINAL FANTASY XI has yet another ghost with an unusual look! They are said to be a ghost that has inhabited a piece of cloth, so depending on the level of Ghost you encounter you may find some high-quality items! Every year FFXI’s Halloween events even allow taking on the appearance of a Ghost to spook other players – don’t miss the spooky festivities this year too!

FINAL FANTASY games include many spooky enemies, of which ghosts are just one! Why not play a FINAL FANTASY title for Halloween this year?