• Dec. 17, 2020

FF Weekly: November 26th Remember When... Results

Thanks so much to everyone who told us your most memorable FFXV locations! We’ve selected a few of your responses to share!

“Galdin Quay looks like the perfect resort in the day, but the night view is beautiful too! I love how inviting it looks as you drive down the slope. Sometimes I dream of it when I'm at the office.”
“Altissia! I love the architecture there, and I also loved running around just to see everything, getting lost among the streets. If it was a real city, it’d probably be one of my top places to visit!”
“Travelling on the train across the Empire with the sad music. Seeing Tenebrae all up in flames :(. Absolutely beautiful game and I wish I could’ve seen more of it.”
“Definitely the Disc of Cauthess at the center of Lucis, even more specifically when the meteor sticks out of the crater before the Titan fight.”
“Cartanica. The sunset over that landscape is so beautiful, it almost doesn't matter it's the last one you see in the game.”

You all have such wonderful memories of FFXV! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us.

November 29, the 4th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XV’s release in Japan, is only a few days away! Photos are a big part of FFXV, taken by party member Prompto as mementos of the journey Noctis and comrades go on together. Prompto’s not the only photographer, though – you can take control of Noctis and snap photos yourself!

And so, to commemorate FFXV’s release anniversary, we’d like to introduce a few locations from FFXV that we think are great places to go capture some shots!

Longwythe Peak

A colossal crag towering over the Weaverwilds in central Leide. Popular among tourists and geologists alike as a spot for souvenir shots and scientific studies respectively, this is an impressive photo spot you can encounter early on in the game!

Galdin Quay

A stunning seaside getaway along the Vannath Coast in southern Leide. While the quay currently enjoys its reputation as the kingdom's premier resort, Galdin itself was once a quiet fishing town. Swing by here to get some shots of the gorgeous surrounding beach scenery!


A bustling industrial town in northern Cleigne. With its unique stepped layout and bustling market, you should be able to get some fantastic urban shots here!

Rock of Ravatogh

An emblematic volcano situated in southwest Cleigne. Often cited as one of the finest sights in all of Lucis, the mysterious mountain serves as a popular attraction for tourists and photographers alike. Being visible from many different locations in Eos, you should be able to get all kinds of shots of this magnificent peak!

Do you have a favorite place to take photos in FFXV, or even just fond memories of someplace in Eos? Let us know in the FINAL FANTASY Portal App!

Q: What is your most memorable location in FFXV?

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November 26–December 2, 2020, 23:59 (PST)

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