• Feb. 7, 2021

Spotlight: FINAL FANTASY VII Aerith Gainsborough Goods

February 7 is FINAL FANTASY VII character Aerith Gainsborough’s birthday!
To celebrate her big day, we’d like to introduce some Aerith goods from the SQUARE ENIX STORE!

◆FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Character Sticker: Aerith Gainsborough

These Character Stickers are available with colorful profiles of Cloud, Barret, Aerith and Tifa.
Don’t hesitate to use these on your Laptop or favorite notebook!
Each Sticker brings you a little closer to your favorite FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE characters!

Item Size: W 2.9” x H 2.5” (W 74.5mm x H 64mm)
SRP: $2.99

◆DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Acrylic Keychain Aerith

Square Enix is proud to present to you a new range of amazing acrylic keychains from the world of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY. Now it’s easy to show everyone which warrior you chose, with Aerith from FINAL FANTASY VII, you’re ready to take on any challenge.

SRP: $6.99

◆FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Acrylic Stand : Aerith Gainsborough

Presenting an acrylic stand featuring the heroes from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE!

Whether you're journeying thru Midgar or simply going to the office, enjoy sharing your space with your favorite characters from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE!

Item Size: W 2.4” x H 3.5” (W 61mm x H 88mm)
SRP: $14.99

◆FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Statuette: Aerith Gainsborough

We're happy to present Aerith Gainsborough from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, as a Statuette!

With a high attention to detail and amazingly painted detail, makes Aerith a fantastic addition to any Final Fantasy fans collection.
Each Statuette includes display stand making it easy to display on a shelf or desk.

Figure Size: W 4.9” x D 4.9” x H 9.1”
SRP: $39.99

◆FINAL FANTASY VII Action Doll Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith from FINAL FANTASY VII is now an Action Doll. With movable joints and the ability to stand on her own, be it on your desk or on a shelf!
She can easily recreate her most iconic poses with a wide range of movement.

Product Size: Approx. W 4.53” x D 5.12” x H 10.04”
SRP: $69.99

◆FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Bracelet Aerith Gainsborough

We are pleased to present a bracelet inspired by Aerith from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Using many different stones and Sterling Silver on the charm, this bracelet is designed to easily match with your daily outfits.

This exquisite piece brings you a little closer to your favorite FINAL FANTASY VII characters!

Material: SV925 Silver, Quartz, Amazonite, Red Agate, White Agate, and Green Agate
Release Date: July 2021
SRP: $127.99


Aerith Gainsborough from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE makes her appearance as a PLAY ARTS KAI figure!

The sculpt work of Aerith features her sweet yet strong-willed demeanor. With great care taken to recreate the texture of her skin and clothing, making sure you can get a sense of the character in physical form.

The joints, like the elbows and knees, utilize updated joint parts, and the materia in her rod utilizes a translucent piece, making for functionality and beauty, all in one.

On top of that, Aerith comes with various accessory pieces, such as interchangeable face and hand pieces, and a basket of flowers, to allow for very expressive poses.

Figure includes display stand.

Figure Size: W 2.5" x D 1.5" x H 9.7" tall
Release Date: May 2021
SRP: $154.99