• Mar. 25, 2021

FF Weekly: March 25th Remember When...

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper celebrates its 6th anniversary on March 25!

6th Anniversary Campaign Summary Page

To celebrate, the FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Anniversary Wallpaper Creator that was featured for FFRK’s 5th anniversary in Japan is back!
And so, the FF Portal staff tried making our own wallpaper!

First, you choose the layout of your wallpaper, including how many scenes to include from FF games and where the pixel art character(s) you choose will be placed.

Then it’s time to choose your background color.

The next step is to choose which scenes will go on your wallpaper. You can pick from 18 different FINAL FANTASY games!

Last, you get to choose who will be featured on your background from a selection of pixel art FINAL FANTASY characters. You can mix and match characters across a large number of FF titles, and even choose from several poses!

And for the big’s the wallpaper we made!

We decided to create a collection of memorable scenes from across FINAL FANTASY games!

Why don’t you try making a wallpaper too?

About FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper is available as a free download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and on Google Play for Android devices.