• May 27, 2021

FF Weekly: May 13th Poll Results

Q: Which of the following locations from FFXI do you like best?

The results of our FINAL FANTASY XI 19th anniversary location poll are in, and it was a shocking tie for first place! We’ve selected a few of your comments for each of the winners to share, so let’s check them out!


“After beating tough bosses and reaching this alien seascape, you know you've made it!”
“Striking visuals, and the way creatures behave differently there.”
“The "sea" is beautiful and terrifying, a colorful new world where you must always be on guard.”

Ru'Aun Gardens

“Because it really does look like the gate of the gods.”
“Floating islands and waterfalls for days. I love how the seasons are represented in the foliage.”
“Beautiful location in the sky where nature seems to have taken over!”

Thanks so much to everyone who voted and let us know your FFXI memories!

May 16 is the 19th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XI’s release in Japan! In commemoration of this, we’ve selected a few unique locations from FFXI and we’d like you to vote for the one you like best! Please let us know which of the following is your favorite.

Q: Which of the following locations from FFXI do you like best?


A strange area in the Lumoria region that houses the magnificent remains of the Celestial Capital of Al'Taieu! The ground here looks like water, making it feel almost as if you’re walking on the ocean.

Riverne - Site #A01

A mysterious area on the main island of Tavnazia where rocks float in the sky!

Yuhtunga Jungle

A tropical rainforest that feels like a natural maze, home to a variety of plant life. It’s even said to be the home of faeries!

Ru'Aun Gardens

Constructed ten thousand years ago by the Zilart as the “Gate of the Gods,” this garden in the sky, located in the Tu’Lia region, is said to be the entrance to paradise itself!

Purgonorgo Isle

An island in Bibiki Bay made up almost entirely of beaches, great for clam digging!

Q: Please tell us why.

Poll Duration:
May 13–May 19, 2021, 23:59 (PDT)

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