• May 20, 2021

FF Weekly: May 20th Remember When...

May 24 is National Scavenger Hunt Day in America, and only a few days away! To commemorate the event, we’d like to introduce an item hunting mini game from FINAL FANTASY IX perfect for this day.

After Choco the chocobo joins Zidane in FFIX, the player gains access to Chocobo’s Forest, where the mini game Chocobo Hot and Cold can first be played!
In Chocobo Hot and Cold, the player can tell Choco where to dig for items as many times as desired within a 60-second time limit while earning points to exchange for other items. By listening to changes in the tone of Choco’s “Kweh” cries, one can also determine where better items are buried!

Amongst the items that can be found during Chocobo Hot and Cold are what’s called Chocographs, which provide hints to locations of items hidden all over the world map—an entirely separate scavenger hunt from the Chocobo Hot and Cold mini game itself! This can even lead to rare and exclusive items, so it’s definitely worth following through with.

There’s a lot more to be discovered through Chocobo Hot and Cold and Chocographs than we’ve shared here, so make sure you hunt them down next time you play FINAL FANTASY IX! Happy National Scavenger Hunt Day!!