• Oct. 7, 2021

FF Weekly: October 7th Remember When...

October 10 is Fishing Day in Japan! FINAL FANTASY games give plenty of opportunities to snag the big one – let’s take a look at a couple of them!

Fisher (FFXIV)

A harvester class with knowledge of varieties of fish, shellfish, and crustacean, experienced in techniques for catching aquatic creatures. Master fishers’ skills on the water let them hook big fish that are only available from particular fishing spots, at certain times, under specific weather conditions, or with special bait, so there’s lots to be done as a fisher! There is even “ocean fishing,” where you can board a large fishing vessel as a group and tackle hunting fish on the high seas together. FFXIV offers a variety of fishing playstyles for you to enjoy!

Fishing (FFXV)

At various locations around Eos, fishing gear such as rods, line and lures can be bought and equipped, allowing one to catch various fish. By raising his fishing skill, Noctis can even catch fish as big as himself! Fishing will gain the player AP, ingredients for cooking, items and more, so don’t miss this opportunity to reel in some useful bonuses in FINAL FANTASY XV!