• May 3, 2022

Tifa Lockhart Birthday Goods Special!

March 3 marks FINAL FANTASY VII heroine Tifa Lockhart's birthday, and to celebrate her big day we've gathered a hard-hitting selection of Tifa goods to share with you! From adorable plushes to accessories that will accent your outfit and more, we hope you'll find something you just can't resist!


Tifa Lockhart from FINAL FANTASY® VII REMAKE enters the scene as a new plush! Showcasing large two-toned embroidered eyes and featuring details brought to life straight from her in-game attire.
Complete your collection with this adorable Tifa from FINAL FANTASY® VII REMAKE - now available as a sitting plush!

Figure Size (Inches): Approximately W 4.3 in × D 5.3 in × H 7.1 in
SRP: $44.99

◆FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE PLAY ARTS -KAI- ™ Tifa Lockhart [Action Figure]

From FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, Tifa Lockhart, a member of the anti-Shinra organization, makes her appearance as a PLAY ARTS KAI figure!

We have faithfully recreated all the details that were updated and made more intricate for REMAKE – from her hairstyle and earrings to her costume – to pursue a very realistic design.

We utilized updated joint parts in her elbows and knees, to allow for a wide range of motion.

Accessories include interchangeable head and hand parts, as well as hair pieces that give a wind-blown look, which all allow for amazingly dynamic poses.

Figure includes display stand

Figure Size: W 2.9" x D 1.9" x H 10" tall
SRP: $154.99

◆FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN Silver Earring Tifa Lockhart [Jewelry]

We've brought to life Tifa’s signature silver earing, as seen in FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN.

Made with a feminine and delicate design, accentuated with a zirconia stone that beautifully shines at the tip of the swinging teardrop design.

This exquisite piece brings you a little closer to your favorite FINAL FANTASY VII characters!

*Item consists of 1 earring

Item Size: W .2” x H 1.6”
Box Size: W 3” x H 4.1” x D 3”
Material: SV925 Silver& Zirconia
SRP: $99.99

◆FINAL FANTASY® VII Music Box: Tifa's Theme - Seventh Heaven

Own your own part of the amazing music from Final Fantasy VII with this hand-cranked music box. The box is encased in a stunning white acrylic case. The internal mechanical movements presenting you with the magical “Tifa's Theme - Seventh Heaven”..

Product Size: Approx. W 2.4” x D 2” x H 1.6”
SRP: $17.99

◆FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Acrylic Stand: Tifa Lockhart

Presenting an acrylic stand featuring the heroes from FINAL FANTASY® VII REMAKE!

Whether you're journeying thru Midgar or simply going to the office, enjoy sharing your space with your favorite characters from FINAL FANTASY® VII REMAKE!

Item Size: W 2.5” x H 3.4” (W 64mm x H 87mm)
SRP: $14.99

Did you find anything that you couldn't live without? Check the SQUARE ENIX e-STORE for even more Tifa goods!