• June 16, 2022

FF Weekly: June 16th Remember When...

FINAL FANTASY TACTICS celebrates its 25th anniversary on June 20!

The first simulation RPG in the FINAL FANTASY series and originator of the world of Ivalice. Originally released on PlayStation in 1998, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS is loved for its profound story and highly strategic battle system.

FFT was remade on PSP in 2007 as FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: THE WAR OF THE LIONS with additional content including new movies, scenarios, jobs and more, and later ported to smartphones with touchscreen compatibility. Widely loved for many years, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS is a title not to be missed!

And to celebrate the occasion we’ve got three characters key to the game’s story to share!

Ramza Beoulve

Third son of the respected military Beoulve family and once a student at the Akademy in the Magic City of Gariland, along with his friend Delita. However, a certain incident causes him to abandon the Beoulve name and become a mercenary soldier.

Delita Heiral

Childhood friend of Ramza, raised alongside him. He lost his parents at a young age and was taken into the Beoulve family along with his sister. Following a certain incident, he chooses a different path from Ramza.

Agrias Oaks

A knight serving in the Atkascha royal family’s Lionsguard. She is highly loyal to the royal family and assigned as an escort to Princess Ovelia by order of the senate. During an assignment, she meets Ramza when he is a squire in the Order of the Northern Sky.

Just in time for FINAL FANTASY TACTICS’ release anniversary, there are BRING ARTS figures of all three of these characters on the way!

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