• Sept. 1, 2022

FF Weekly: September 1st Remember When...

September 3 is World Beard Day, and who else better to celebrate this day than some FINAL FANTASY characters sharing a name who often appear with a big ol’ beard!


While visiting the city of Kazus, Cid Haze ends up having a curse cast upon him by the evil Djinn. After the Warriors of Light save him, he uses his knowledge of airships to upgrade their boat the Enterprise and allow it to fly in the air. He plays an important role in their journey.


The Kingdom of Baron’s revered inventor of airships, Cid Pollendina works tirelessly day and night on his ships. While stubborn, he is not lacking in empathy and has the earnest trust of his apprentices. After FFIV protagonist Cecil leaves on his journey, Cid ends up jailed for opposing the King of Baron’s use of airships for military purposes.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Cid Fabool IX became regent of the city of Lindblum at the age of sixteen. He is also an inventor, pouring his time into the creation of steam-powered airships. He has special ties to FFIX heroine Garnet and plays an important role assisting main character Zidane and his comrades on their journey.

Characters named Cid appear all across the FINAL FANTASY series, some bearded and some not, so make sure to watch for them when playing FF games!

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