• Jan. 19, 2023

FF Weekly: January 19th Remember When...

January 23 is National King Day, and for this day we’d like to introduce a selection of kingly monsters from across the FINAL FANTASY series!

King Behemoth (FFII)

This formidable beast has become a recurring monster following its first appearance in FINAL FANTASY II! In that game, it has a chance of dropping rare equipment including the powerful Yoichi's Bow but packs a serious punch, so prepare well if you want to nab the treasures it holds.

Tonberry King (FFVIII)

Much stronger than the normally encountered tonberry, defeating this monster gives access to the Tonberry Guardian Force!

King Bomb (FFXII)

With the ability to heal itself and call allies to help in battle, this boss monster will burn you if you’re not careful!

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