• May 16, 2023

FINAL FANTASY XI 21st Anniversary Goods Special!

Today marks FINAL FANTASY XI's 21st anniversary! In commemoration, we’ve gathered a selection of FFXI goods from the SQUARE ENIX STORE!

FINAL FANTASY XI Plush - Shantotto

O-hohohohohoho! Shantotto from FINAL FANTASY XI is now available as an adorable plush!

When not smothering her with affection, you can sit her down to display wherever you would like.

Plush Size (inches): Approximately H 7.09 in × W 7.48 in × D 5.12 in
SRP: $49.99


We are pleased to present a plush fashioned in the likeness of the popular crab enemy from FINAL FANTASY XI!

Second only to the mandragora in popularity, the crab is making its debut as an adorable plush which showcases its unique form and design. Gather a whole host of them to recreate your days of adventuring throughout the Boyahda Tree.
But remember, no matter how strong you think you are, there will always be a crab in Vana'diel that could knock you out.

Material: polyester
Size: Approximately H 9.84" x W 8.27" x D 7.48"
SRP: $59.99
Release Date: August 2023

FINAL FANTASY XI 20th Anniversary Best Selection Vinyl

We are pleased to present a vinyl LP commemorating FINAL FANTASY XI's 20th anniversary!
We carefully curated a selection of the most popular songs from over two decades of service to compile into a record as a Square Enix Store exclusive!

The vinyl features lovely artwork created by Fumio Minagawa to celebrate the myriad adventures that players have experienced on their journeys. We hope you enjoy the best of FINAL FANTASY XI and its two-decades-long history with this vinyl LP.

The vinyl also includes a bonus code that allows downloading the included tracks in MP3 format so you can enjoy them on the go!

  • MP3 Download Code Included.
  • Download code can only be used for a limited number of times.
  • Please note that this is a Japanese import soundtrack vinyl disc.
  • Product image may be subject to change from the actual product.

SRP: $49.99

FINAL FANTASY XI Plush - Kraken Club

We are pleased to present a plush fashioned in the likeness of the popular Kraken Club from FINAL FANTASY XI!

This is the perfect chance to obtain such a rare and powerful weapon in the real world. Unlike its in-game counterpart, you are free to grab a second plush and dual wield them!

Material: polyester
Size: Approximately H 18.70" x W 4.92" x D 2.95"
SRP: $69.99
Release Date: August 2023

FINAL FANTASY XI Bright Arts Gallery - Mandragora

Joining the Bright Arts Gallery figure line is the monster FINAL FANTASY XI fans are sure to recognize, Mandragora!

The simple and cute little plant is recreated as a detailed, die-cast colored metallic figure, perfect as a decoration for any FINAL FANTASY XI fan’s home or office!

Product Size (inches): H 2.68” x W 1.77” x D 0.91”
SRP: $36.99
Release Date: September 2023

*Each piece is hand-polished and finished, therefore may have slight imperfections. These characteristics are a natural occurrence due to the manufacturing process.

FINAL FANTASY XI Smartphone Ring - Aegis

We are pleased to present a smartphone ring fashioned in the likeness of the Aegis relic shield from FINAL FANTASY XI!

The claims that the smartphone ring may also shield a certain percentage of incoming magic damage are unverified, but you can rest assured it will make holding your device much easier.

  • Attachable smartphone ring for improved & drop-free grip
  • Doubles as a kickstand for hands-free usage on tables
  • Compatible with smartphones with flat & non-textured backs
  • Phone Grip Rotates and swivels for personalized comfort and versatility

Material: zinc alloy, epoxy resin
Item Size: H 1.93" x W 1.10" x D 0.04"
SRP: $23.99
Release Date: September 2023


We are pleased to present a FINAL FANTASY XI souvenir jacket!

Each side features embroidered adornments, with the front including the Roman numeral “XI” on the breast and a portion of the Vana'diel world map on the back. The intricate and detailed map showcasing key areas of Vana’diel reminds us of journeys with fellow adventurers, with this jacket serving as a reminder of the title's 20 years of history.

*Note that this jacket comes in Japanese sizes.

Material: 100% polyester
*Note Jacket has Raglan Sleeves.
Product size: Vary by size
*Please make sure you take accurate measurements as returns or exchanges will not be possible once the item has been opened.
SRP: from $169.99
Release Date: August 2023

  • Shipment may take longer if the parcel contains an import product and faces delays due to customs and duties.
  • Also, please be aware of potential release date changes which shall be updated on the website.