• July 13, 2023

FF Weekly: July 13th Remember When...

Happy 32nd anniversary to FINAL FANTASY IV! To commemorate the occasion, we’d like to introduce the different sides of the game’s protagonist, Cecil Harvey!

“Stay back! This is my battle, one I must fight alone to atone for my wrongs.”

One of the Kingdom of Baron’s elite dark knights and leader of their air force, the Red Wings. While he is a dedicated soldier and trusted by those around him, he tends to overthink things. As a dark knight, Cecil follows the King of Baron’s irrational demands to steal crystals from across the world despite his better judgment.
However, one day he can no longer go against his own moral compass and decides to fight against his country. From there he takes on the forces that haunt him as a dark knight at Mount Ordeals and becomes a paladin. After this, Cecil goes after the evil Golbez, who controls the King of Baron and is trying to gather the crystals for his own uses.

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