• Aug. 3, 2023

FF Weekly: August 3rd Remember When...

August 4 marks Bridge Day in Japan, and we’ve got a big one from FINAL FANTASY V to share with you! Let’s cross on over and check it out!

The Big Bridge connects the continents containing Castle Exdeath and the Castle of Bal, operating as a valuable strategic position for each both offensively and defensively. As such, it is heavily populated with monsters controlled by Exdeath. After being saved by Galuf at Castle Exdeath, Bartz and friends cross this bridge intending to converge with the Bal army, but encounter Exdeath’s right-hand man Gilgamesh hiding behind a door on the bridge.

The song that plays here is even titled “Battle at the Big Bridge,” taking its name from the location! Be sure to give FINAL FANTASY V a shot to visit the Big Bridge and hear its theme!

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