• Feb. 21, 2019

FF Weekly: Feb. 21st Remember When...

FINAL FANTASY VIII celebrated its 20th anniversary of its release on February 11! Today, we're introducing the catchphrase made up by the cheerful and energetic Selphie from FFVIII!


Originally from Trabia Garden, Selphie volunteers to head the Garden Festival Committee upon transferring to her new school, Balamb Garden, where Squall and his friends attend. This scene is a true depiction of her character, as she remains upbeat and cheerful despite being in a new environment with no friends. "Booyaka!" is her own personal catchphrase that she uses in her introduction on the school's website, hoping it catches on. Unfortunately for her, it doesn't.

Spring, a season that brings with it change, is right around the corner. Whether that change may be good or bad, take a page from Selphie's book and always try to be true to yourself.