• Sept. 14, 2023

FF Weekly: September 14th Remember When...

September 20 is Sky Day in Japan! To commemorate the occasion, let’s look to the heavens at some airships from across the FINAL FANTASY series!

Enterprise (FFIV)

A state-of-the-art airship model that Cid had been secretly building. After it’s damaged from enemy fire in the Underworld, upgrades implemented during repairs allow it to travel over lava.

Ragnarok (FFVIII)

An airship built to the highest standards in Esthar. Used as an anti-gravity booster during the exile of the evil sorceress Adel 17 years ago, it was considered lost in space. However, when the Lunar Cry sends a slew of monsters from the moon, it affects the Ragnarok’s trajectory, allowing Squall to obtain it.

Fahrenheit (FFX)

An airship loaded with technologies that make it equipped to face off against the powerful beast Sin that threatens the world of Spira, including battle armaments, a sphere search function and more. Recovered from ancient ruins in the ocean and repaired to full operation by the Al Bhed.

FINAL FANTASY has a massive number of airships across its titles! Why not celebrate Sky Day by flying around in a FINAL FANTASY game?

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