• Oct. 12, 2023

FF Weekly: October 12th Remember When...

Railroad Day is October 14 in Japan! To celebrate the occasion, we’d like to hop on some trains you can ride from across the FINAL FANTASY series! All aboard!

Phantom Train (FFVI)

A train that transports the souls of the dead to the land of the spirits, packed with numerous ghosts. The living are no exception either, as those who end up aboard this locomotive will also be taken to the land of the spirits. There’s no way to disembark partway through a trip on this train outside of stopping it dead in its tracks!

Train to the Fourth Sector (FFVIIR)

Cloud, Barret, and Tifa take this train during their mission to destroy the Sector 5 Mako Reactor. They thought their plan to bypass the ID scanners would go off without a hitch, but unfortunately for them, their previous attack has put the city on heightened alert. As part of the alert, an off-schedule scan is conducted, throwing a wrench in Avalanche’s plans.

Magna Fortia (FFXV)

After facing a bevy of trials at Altissia, Noctis and his three comrades board the Magna Fortia train toward Gralea to take back the crystal from the Empire of Niflheim. However, the great losses just faced by Noctis make it difficult for him to face what’s ahead of him, and his disposition stirs discord amongst the four friends. Will he be able to pull himself back up and confront what awaits him...?

We’ve only featured a small selection of the trains chugging across the FINAL FANTASY series here! Why not hop on board a FINAL FANTASY game today and take a trip you’ll never forget?

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