• Oct. 19, 2023

FF Weekly: October 19th Remember When...

The 8th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS starting service in Japan is October 22, which happens to fall on the same day as Japan’s Man & Wife Day, held the 22nd of every month! We’d like to do a double celebration today by sharing a married couple from FFBE!

Raegen and Sophia

Raegen is FFBE protagonist Rain’s father and once the man known as Veritas of the Dark. After the last deciding battle, he was able to make amends with the other Sworn Six. They once more descended up Paladia where they would run around trying to put a stop to the tyrannical Aldore Empire. Raegen meets his wife Sophia when injured on the battlefield and, as a field nurse, she tends to his wounds. However, she takes an interest in him when his injury heals unusually quickly, eventually learning that he is in fact immortal. She vows to keep his secret safe and from this, their love blossoms, leading to their eventual marriage.

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