• Oct. 31, 2023


Tokyo Game Show 2023 took place on September 21–24 at Makuhari Messe, and the FF Portal staff have a report from the opening day to share with you!

After getting off at the station nearest the venue, we were immediately greeted by Cloud!

And after a bit of a walk, we finally arrived at the show itself.

Our first stop was, of course, our very own SQUARE ENIX booth. It was huge!

We picked up a copy of the pamphlet and got to exploring around.

Our first stop within the booth was the FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH area!

There were a few displays showing off the special physical editions of the game, the vinyl soundtrack and more. The aura from the Sephiroth figure was impressive!

And on display right next to that was Cloud’s faithful Hardy-Daytona motorcycle!

At last, we reached the FFVII REBIRTH playable demo area! The demo area had 100 kiosks available! Just an endless sea of screens...!

There were two versions to choose from – “The Fated Mt. Nibel Mission,” which let you experience a snippet of the Mount Nibel Mako Reactor flashback, or “The Open Wilds of Junon,” in which you could explore the wilderness on your way to Junon and view some of the events that unfold in Under Junon!

We chose to try the Junon region! Getting to explore a little of the overworld of FINAL FANTASY VII and meet our little dolphin friend with entirely new graphics was an amazing experience. It feels like we couldn’t see everything, and we weren’t able to beat the boss we encountered – we’ll just have to experience it once the full game comes out!

As we walked out of the demo area the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail trailer had just finished, so we decided to wander over and check out the FFXIV area!

The first thing we noticed was an enormous Lego Crystarium! Look at the detail in the design...! What an incredible piece of art.

And next to the Crystarium were a mural and a large number of machines for both new and existing players to try FFXIV. A Trial Roulette activity challenged veteran players with a randomly selected trial from Storm’s Crown, Mount Ordeals, and the Voidcast Dais!

Participation in either got players a commemorative postcard for the 10th Anniversary of A Realm Reborn.

From there, we decided to travel over to where the goods and music booths were located to see what exciting wares were available to purchase.

Even on business days without guests from the general public, the goods shop was always busy!

Swinging around to the other side of the booth, there were special displays for a few other SQUARE ENIX titles!


Some of our favorites were these gorgeous Bring Arts figures and, of course, the plushies of the best boy Torgal - the puppy one especially is so cute!

And right next to FFXVI was the FINAL FANTASY XIV booth, with an equally tempting display of goodies!

Here we were really drawn to the acrylic blocks of Yoshitaka Amano’s art and Loporrit room wear set!

All the items at the goods booth were tempting...

To finish off our TGS adventures, we wandered over to the SQUARE ENIX MUSIC booth to see what was on offer...and were greeted with a fantastic FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH mural and display!

The display showed off lots of FFVII music, including the new FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH vinyl soundtrack!

Around the corner of the booth, there were also some panels where anyone could write a message – as TGS had just started when we swung by, there wasn’t much written yet.

But we were able to get ahold of a picture of the final product – look at all these wonderful messages from fans and creators alike!

And with that, our time at TGS came to an end. We made one last trip by the SQUARE ENIX booth just for good measure and managed to get our favorite shot of the day!

Sephiroth in the flames looks so cool...!

Thanks so much for reading all the way through our Tokyo Game Show report! We hope you had as much fun reading this report as we had reporting it.

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