• Oct. 26, 2023

FF Weekly: October 26th Remember When...

Halloween is upon us! To get in the spooky spirit, we’d like to share some bone-chilling monsters from across FINAL FANTASY!

Zombie (FFIX)

This bloodcurdling beast is first encountered inside the Iifa Tree. Its abilities include the brutal Roulette, which spins a roulette that will randomly inflict instant death upon whomever it falls.

Ghoul (FFXII)

Found in the Stilshrine of Miriam, these creepy fellows will use Leech to absorb HP, like a vampire would suck your blood!

Eligor (FFVIIR)

This formidably fearsome foe reigns supreme over the ghost-ridden train graveyard. After taking a certain amount damage, Eligor takes to the sky where it eerily floats around – truly a terrifying sight! When in the air it also uses abilities like Reflect, which redirects spells targeting it, forcing players to change up their strategy.

We here at FF Portal hope you have a scarily fun Halloween!

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