• Nov. 2, 2023

FF Weekly: November 2nd Remember When...

Apple Day in Japan is lurking around the corner, on November 5! We’ve harvested a couple from across FINAL FANTASY to share with you on this day!

Banora White (CCFFVII)

Despite its name, an apple with purple skin that grows only in the town of Banora, a remote town where legendary SOLDIERs Angeal and Genesis were raised. Also called a “dumbapple,” a name taken from the fact that it grows without regard to any particular season.

Striped Apple (FFCC)

This cute apple restores HP, with more recovered the more a character likes it! Eating it also temporarily boosts a character’s Magic.

This list includes just a couple of the apples that appear across the FINAL FANTASY series! Is there a particular FF apple you’d like to try?

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