• Nov. 23, 2023

FF Weekly: November 23rd Remember When...

November 24 is the birthday of FINAL FANTASY VIII’s resident sharpshooter, Irvine! Let’s check out a quote from the master sniper below.

“It’s not like I drifted here on the tides of fate.
I’m here because I chose to be here.”

A sniper trained at Galbadia Garden, who joins Squall and friends to assist in their assassination of the Sorceress Edea when she joins hands with Deling, the dictator president of Galbadia. At first appearing to be a shallow young man who takes joy in irritating people, deep down Irvine is a highly sensitive person who puts on a totally different character to not be crushed by the pressures that face him in the moments he must be of flawless aim. Joining Squall and crew in their journey, however, he begins to let his real nature come through.

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