• Dec. 14, 2023

FF Weekly: December 14th Remember When...

Happy 35th anniversary to FINAL FANTASY II! The second title in the FINAL FANTASY series released on December 17, and we’d like to introduce the game’s protagonist, Firion, to celebrate the occasion!

“This is our battle...
You have to let us finish it.”

A young man who spent his life in the Kingdom of Fynn. Separated from his parents at a young age, he was taken in by Leon and Maria’s parents along with Guy, and the four of them were raised together as siblings. Privy to excellent leadership skills, he guides his friends with a calm head and razor-sharp decision making no matter how desperate the situation. After losing his adoptive parents and home in an attack on Fynn by the Palamecian Empire, he is rescued by members of the Rebel Army that fights against Palamecia, and he and his comrades decide to join in the fight against the Empire that took away their homeland.

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