• Dec. 28, 2023

FF Weekly: December 28th Quiz

2023 is coming to a close! Thank you so much for another year of support from all of us here at the FINAL FANTASY Portal. We are so grateful to all who use the FF Portal app and site!

In Chinese zodiac 2024 is a Year of the Dragon, and to get a jump start into the new year, we’d like to offer a FINAL FANTASY dragon silhouette quiz! Let’s fly right in.

Q1: What silhouette is this? (Difficulty: 2/5)

Claret Dragon (FFV)
Ruby Dragon (FFVIII)
Claret Dragon (FFX-2)

Q2: What silhouette is this? (Difficulty: 3/5)

Tiamat (FFII)
Two Headed Dragon (FFIII)
Hydra (FFV)

Q3: What silhouette is this? (Difficulty: 5/5)

Bahamut (FFIX)
Bahamut (FFXIII)
Bahamut (FFXVI)

Quiz Duration:
December 28–January 3, 2024, 23:59 (PST)

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