• Feb. 8, 2024

FF Weekly: February 8th Remember When...

FINAL FANTASY VIII celebrates 25 years since its release on February 11, 1999! Sorceresses are an integral part of FFVIII’s story, so we’d like to introduce three sorceresses from the game to mark this momentous occasion!


A beautiful sorceress who suddenly comes into the public eye. Deceiving the Galbadian president and murdering him during the ceremony announcing her as his ambassador, she then gives herself full control over Galbadia, taking seat upon her new throne of power.


A terrifying sorceress from the far-off future, consumed with an endless rage. Using what’s called the “Junction Machine Ellone” – a system that sends the consciousness of one person across space and time and into another person – she takes control of past sorceresses all over the world in an attempt to capture the machine’s namesake, Ellone, a woman who has special powers.


A sorceress who once ruled over Esthar, whose selfish usage of the powers she inherited led to the massive Sorceress War. She was locked away in cryo-containment at the Sorceress Memorial and launched into space, where she was carefully guarded. However, due to Ultimecia’s schemes to find another object of possession, she is once again brought to earth.

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