• Mar. 21, 2024

FF Weekly: March 21st Remember When...

World Water Day is on March 22, emphasizing the importance of water as a valuable resource. For this occasion we’d like to share a selection of water crystal locations from across FINAL FANTASY!

Shrunken Shrine (FFI)

A shrine sitting directly next to the city of Onrac, where the Water Crystal rests and mermaids reside. It sank to the bottom of the ocean due to the Fiend of Water, Kraken, stealing the power of water 200 years ago. The energy of the oceans that gives the element of water its power has been weakening ever since.

Mysidia (FFIV)

A long-lasting nation of mages with a flourishing culture of researching magic. They once were the keepers of the Water Crystal, but it was stolen from them during an attack by the Red Wings, an airship unit of the world’s strongest military kingdom, Baron.

Walse Tower (FFV)

The place where the water crystal is stored away. Its power was used to send clean water to the citizens of the country of Walse, but when the crystal shatters the entire tower sinks beneath the sea. A submarine is required to get down to where Walse Tower now sits in the ocean depths.

FINAL FANTASY features a veritable ocean of watery locations other than those featured here! Why not visit a few today?

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