• May 16, 2024

FF Weekly: May 16th Remember When...

Flower Day is on May 20! FINAL FANTASY features a veritable field of flowers across its many titles, and we’ve picked a selection to share with you today!

Wild Rose (FFII)

The password of the Wild Rose Rebellion that fights against the Empire of Palamecia. The phrase comes from the flower featured on the crest of the Kingdom of Fynn. As long as one knows this phrase, surviving in the Wild Rose Rebellion’s home base of Altair is a piece of cake!

Roses of May (FFIX)

The musical theme for FINAL FANTASY IX character Beatrix, a proud Alexandrian knight who has seen countless battles. Called a genius swordfighter from a young age, her skills with the sword are considered the best on the entire Mist Continent.

Elpis Flower (FFXIV)

The Elpis flower is the first entelechy recorded in history, its petals changing hue in response to the mindset of those nearby─sun-bright in the midst of a joyful crowd, but growing ashen and gloomy in the hands of a troubled soul.