• May 30, 2024

FF Weekly: May 30th Remember When...

June 1 is Wear a Dress Day in America, and for the occasion we’d like to share some of the longer-hemmed ensembles the garb system allows Lightning to wear in LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII!


The outfit worn by Lightning at the start of our story, in contrasting shades of black and white. This garb gives you full ATB at the beginning of battle!

L'ange Noir

A fancy getup in a brilliant shade of purple with a yellow highlight on the dress, available for purchase at the Luxerion South Station. It not only grants full ATB at the beginning of battle, but also increases Lightning’s maximum HP by 15%!

Crimson Bloom

This striking red dress that can be bought at Hawker's Row in Yusnaan not only adds 50 to Lightning’s ATB, but allows her to use level 5 Firaga!

Dark Orchid

This dress in moody variants of dark purple sold at Augur’s Quarter in Yusnaan lowers the ATB cost of the attack ability by 2, and causes Lightning’s GP to go up when taking damage!